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A weekly review of Marvels Agents of Shield and Agent Carter tv shows and all movies Marvel. 2 brothers, 12 years apart, discuss each episode with in depth knowledge of over 30 years reading comics and a few laughs thrown in.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 141 AoS World's End

May 19, 2017

The season finale is here! Does Aida win? Does Mack make it out of the Framework? And what is Coulson doing in space? Find out here and learn whre we think the show is going next season!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 140 AoS The Return

May 12, 2017

We return to the real world and enjoy one of the best episodes of the season! We return for another season next year! And we see the return of a fan favorite character at the end! Now you return to listening and enjoy!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 139 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

May 09, 2017

Back to outer space with this great Marvel action comedy! Tons of easter eggs and comic connections! Super indepth review with lots of laughs for you!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 138 AoS Farewell Cruel World

May 05, 2017

Breaking free from the Framework and not everyone makes it out. What happens next? And lots of Marvel tv news as we talk about 3 new shows and even The Dark Tower for good measure!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 137 All The Madame's Men

April 28, 2017

Trapped in the Framework! AoS gets political! And one of the best special effects of the whole series! Listen to the review and enjoy!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 136 Iron Fist ep 7 - 13

April 24, 2017

Reviewing Iron Fist episodes 7 - 13 and reveiling all the Easter eggs and comic connections. Good discussion and disagreements and speculation on what comes next.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 135 AoS No Regrets

April 21, 2017

Another return of a dead character! And a death of live character! Win some, lose some. Also lots of news and Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer discussion for you!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 134 AoS Identity and Change

April 14, 2017

Still in the Framework we see more characters join the fight! We disagree on parts of the episode but we both agree there is no Hope! Also Thor Ragnarok trailer discussed.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 133 AoS What If...

April 07, 2017

We enter the Framework and find friends and enemies? Or is it friends ARE enemies? Lot's of callbacks to previous seasons. Get all the connections here! Hail Hydra!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 132 Iron Fist ep 1 - 6

April 04, 2017

Our first look at Iron Fist! We cover all the details and easter eggs for episodes 1 - 6. What's good and what's bad and how does it compare to the other Marvel shows? We give you all the insight!

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