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The Fetch Guest Hosts Revelation - 5.22.17

May 23, 2017

The Fetch guest hosted Revelation, hosted by Paul Stevenson.  POTUS Trump's visit to Riyadh and the Riyadh Summit, business signings in Riyadh started the first hour.  Trump in Israel, Rex Tillerson, the ongoing flooding of Europe with "refugees", and the Washington Post's "Jewish opinion" pieces targeting Trump.

Listen   94:16
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ITEL Radio Interview - James Perloff - 4.22.17

April 23, 2017

James Perloff, author of Truth is a Lonely Warrior and The Shadows of Power, among others, joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss the efforts of global elites to establish a one world government with its headquarters situated in Jerusalem.

Listen   46:22
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ITEL Radio Interview - Jim Fetzer - 4.22.17

April 22, 2017

Jim Fetzer, the "Conspiracy Guy" and host of "The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer" appeared in hour two of the April 22, 2017 show to discuss JFK, CIA and Israeli collaboration, Paul McCartney, False Flags, manufactured realities and much more.

High energy, fast paced interview.

Listen   46:59
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ITEL Radio Interview - Andrew Carrington Hitchcock - 4.15.17

April 16, 2017

Andrew (Andy) Carrington Hitchcock, host of "The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show" and author of "Synogogue of Satan",  jointed Inside the Eye - Live to discuss his latest book and ongoing struggle writers of chroniclers of Jewish history have as Jewish groups seek to censor a more truthful understanding of Jewish history in relation to the West.

Listen   47:45
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ITEL Radio Interview - Mike "Tom" Goodrich w/ Taylor McClain - 4.8.17

April 11, 2017

Mike "Tom" Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, appeared on Inside the Eye - Live! with fellow Floridian Taylor McClain.  Of hot discussion: Trump's attack on Syria, which to many, is seen as a total failure and betrayal by Trump to the 60 million plus White American voters who elected Trump for his America First message.

Listen   48:48
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ITEL Radio Interview - Monika Schaefer - 4.8.17

April 10, 2017
Monika Shaefer, a talented German violinist whose parents survived the onslaught of Germany during and after World War II, came on to discuss her video, "Sorry mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust", and the resultant ritual defamation, financial, and character assaults she as endured at the machinations of organized Jewry.
Listen   46:14
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ITEL Radio Interview - Par Henriksson - 4.1.17

April 03, 2017

Par Henriksson, a native of Sweden, visited "The Fetch" in Amman and contributed a lively segment providing insights about "The Fetch" whilst visiting first hand before sharing his views on the agenda against Sweden that seeks to destroy and submerge Swedish culture.

Listen   25:07
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ITEL Radio Interview - Brizer from Ireland - 3.18.17

March 18, 2017

Brizer from Ireland, one of the personalities behing Awake Radio, a site where The Fetch appeared briefly with "The Esoteric Hour" show, appeared for a brief spell from Ireland to discuss the ongoing immigration issues in Ireland and the role of alternative media in raising awareness.


Listen   32:43
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ITEL Radio Interview - Lady Michele Renouf - 2.25.17

March 03, 2017

Lady Michele Renouf, former model, filmaker, and long time advocate for free speech, Palestine, and truth in historical recording joined Inside the Eye - Live! for an hour and half of delightful, insightful conversation.

Listen   80:12
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ITEL Radio Interview - Lee Rogers - 1.28.17

January 31, 2017

Lee Rogers, former partner/owner of The Oracle Broadcasting Network, former host of the popular show "Live Free or Die" which aired/streamed on the same station, and now the Editor in Chief of joined Inside the Eye - Live! for a 1.5 hour segment.

The old days of alternative radio, Jewish power and dominance in America, using alternative media to break down Jewish programming, POTUS Trump, and much more in this fun discussion from two long time veterans of right wing political talk radio.

Listen   72:28

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