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Heroes of the Storm podcast focusing on the competitive community

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Ep.59 Town Hall Heroes

April 21, 2015

Heroes of the Dorm Super 16

ESL Week 1 & 2 

Talkin' with Bakery 

EU Scene Meta Discussion 

Listen   115:33

Ep.58 Town Hall Heroes - Part 2

April 09, 2015
  • Heroes of the Drama Dorm
  • Pause and how it effects Tournaments
  • ESL Season 2 Teams
  • Catalyst's Format
  • Q-by's Q's


Jake out of town for HotD Production this week

Listen   111:24

Ep.58 Town Hall Heroes - Part 1

April 09, 2015

Introductions and Heroes of the Dorm discussion.

Only 8 minutes in length due to xsplit crashing.


Jake is away working on Heroes of the Dorm prodcution in LA

Listen   8:01

Ep.57 Town Hall Heroes with C9 Dunktrain

April 03, 2015
  • eSports Recap for the most part
  • Titan Arena 2
  • ESL Majors NA
  • ESL Majors EU
  • Meta Shifts
  • Updated feels on Patch
Listen   118:22

Ep.56 Town Hall Heroes with @BlizzJohnzee & @LiquidShethSC2 Part 2

March 26, 2015

Part 2 with Sheth

Patch breakdowns

Initial impressions on new map

Changes made to Garden & Mines

Full balance runthrough -- Watch live at

Listen   72:13

Ep.56 Town Hall Heroes Part 1

March 26, 2015

Part 1 of episode 56 we have the privilege to sit down with John "Johnzee" Hodgson and talk about Sylvanas, balance changes, and the new map "Tomb of the Spider Queen" Follow our guests at. @BlizzJohnzee & LiquidShethSC2 -- Watch live at

Listen   54:32

Ep.55 Town Hall Heroes with @TempoGlaurung

March 19, 2015

Developer InsightsESL Playoff previeweSports RecapCooby’s Questions

Listen   116:05

Ep.54 Town Hall Heroes

March 18, 2015
Listen   118:31

Ep.53 Town Hall Heroes

March 10, 2015

C9 BobbyHankHill joins the Town Hall Crew for one of the most aggro episodes to date.  

  • BobbyHankHill
  • C9 Vortex
  • Tempo Storm Team House
  • eSports Recap
  • PAX East!?
Listen   117:33

Ep.52 Town Hall Heroes - Special Guest Madtimmy!

February 27, 2015

Follow our guest: Show Notes --Talking to our guest: MadtimmyEU vs NAeSports RecapTournament Ruleset - General thoughts on what is bestBETA KEY GIVE AWAYTune into the stream for the show to get a chance to get a Heroes beta key! We'll be using a raffle system and handing out the keys to the winners TOMORROW! You will need to be able to chat on Twitch to enter the raffle which we'll be holding a few of them during the show! THESE ARE NORTH AMERICAN KEYS ONLY!If you have any questions for any the hosts please leave them in this thread!Missed the episode? you can catch it at:Twitter: : Feed : -- Watch live at

Listen   118:36

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