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Uploading Issues

Updated: May 30, 2014 16:28

I can't upload files

Go through the following steps to troubleshoot uploading problems.
  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of flash enabled. If you don't have flash, we'll try to use a fallback uploader, but this is more likely to fail.
  2. Try uploading a smaller file first. If your upload speed is too slow, your connection may time out before the upload finishes.
  3. Is the upload starting, but never finishing? Or does the progress bar fill quickly and then the upload fails? A third-party anti-virus program may be interfering with your upload. If you’re using AVG, you’ll need to disable the Web Shield and LinkScanner. If you’re using Kaspersky Internet Security, try turning off port 80 filtering. If you’re using something not mentioned here, try turning it off.

Uploading fails with "Security Error 2049"

This issue can be caused by an outdated browser or Flash version which does not have permission to upload files. The solution is to update to the latest version of your web browser and Flash plugin.

This can also manifest for some users using HTTPS. Try uploading from an HTTP version of the webpage instead.

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