Kiwi6 Updates

New: Following and Listen History

By admin on September 05, 2014 16:29

Today we are introducing a few new features to Kiwi6 to help you keep track of your favorite artists and enjoy new content from them.

Easily find updates from your followed artists on the following page:
Following artists

See your private listening history:
Listening history

Manage and queue your playlists:
Playlists for podcasts and artists

Browse podcasts, add photos to songs, import from a feed, improved stats and artist pages

By admin on July 18, 2014 13:53

Use the new podcasts page to find and subscribe to podcasts hosted at

Starting today, all artists can add a photo to individual song / episode pages. Here is an example. You may also notice some page URLs have been updated to be more friendly.

Artists and podcasters can now import podcasts from an external RSS feed. This feature is free: import a Podcast from RSS/iTunes.

We've updated the site in a couple places to make it easier to see how many followers an artist has. And a couple weeks ago we started rolling out improved statistics pages. We're not finished yet and will continue to refine the details available to subscribers.

Kiwi6 now Supports Podcasts

By admin on May 31, 2014 22:43

We've just made it easier to create podcasts with regular updates on, and you can even submit your podcast to iTunes, where we'll host your episodes for free. Go to the podcast hosting page to sign up or convert your account to a podcast.

To accompany this update, we also have a new Support Center with detailed guides on making the most of, including how to optimize and submit your podcast to iTunes.

We'll be rolling out new podcast features over the coming weeks to make this even better.

Updates to Kiwi6: January 2014

By admin on February 01, 2014 18:22

New Statistics

Statistics, previously a premium-only feature, is now available to all users. It's also been redesigned to be more readable. Users can now also see their statistics in an account-wide summary. We have more detailed reporting available for paying users scheduled for this February.

New File Manager

The file manager has been refreshed, providing an easier way to edit files and folders. This update also introduces drag-and-drop moving and a way to quickly get links for all selected items.

Kiwi6 in more languages

Kiwi6 has also been updated to support languages other than English. This process is ongoing and we'll be adding missing translations as well as new languages over time.

Other Changes

We've also made hundreds of small changes to improve performance, fix reported bugs, support mobile devices, and improve the UI and navigation elements. Enjoy!

Introducing Albums for Artists

By admin on November 05, 2013 00:12

We're excited to announce album support for all artists, available immediately.

Here is an example album, Breadcrumbs, by creative commons artist Josh Woodward.

To get started, click the Create Album link on your artist page.

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