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These are torrent files. Open these files in a torrent client such as uTorrent to download the images. || Important! Please seed any torrent you download at least to 1:1. (Where you share back at least as much as you downloaded.) There's no permanent seed here, others can download only if you share like others shared with you.


Thanks guys I'm on part 3 and now to finish it off is just part 4 of sonny

Seeding all my Sonny now. Feel free to help out seeding if you have them

57% on Sonny sets 1-50

The last model I'm trying to finish is All Sonny sets. But I'm 57% on utorrent, it was working fine yesterday bit a little slow today. I've got one seed right now.

I will seen any I have if asked at moment im seeding about everything I have from here that I still have access to, my list still is same with some more in the A to E names since i was seeding so many couldnt list all

Sorry for continued hiatus. I have much to share, but it's a mess. As I'm sorting things out, I'm looking for ready-to-torrent folders like Danskboy to upload in the meantime. Update: I can't find Jose anymore. :-( Unsure what I have of Aeshli. Will look.

Thank you, hermes! You are a legend. :-) It's an honor to have you visit.

Hi, in "101 Shirtless Boys Torrents"'s "Coming Attractions" there is a "Boys Next Door Part II (1) Aeshli".

He's amazing, can you post his set please?? Or tell where it is if it's already posted :)

Thank you for everything that you do!

I'm now also seeding Neowizard's torrents. If you need anything off his list, now's a good time to grab it.

Nakita 1-5 plus nakita stian and friends
Milan diaper boy Mikhail 1-3 Matthias boy model Marc boy model Luka featuring Peter, Lucus, Kiril, Jordan (model promotion) john Michael (model promo) Jay aka wally, Jarik n friends, Jaemus, David (modelteenz)

Zach (boy candid) Yasha (child world) Xheni (gymast novel art) World swimming championship Vania (epm) Turpal (novelart) Tom (model promotion) Terry shirtless (eportfolio) Sandan's boys (shirtless candid) Riley (boymodel) Nico set 1-3 comingayter

I am seeding all those I still have here until my next computer crash can't tell how long that will be but I got a good connection in meantime.

Thx guys for seeding those specific torrents I asked for. You guys are the best thx again.

Now seeding all six Boy Chests collections.

I would love too also start working on the Boy chest collections 1-6 I think.
Any seed would be great appreciated and Thx.

I have some of the torrents, but my internet upload is VERY poor.
If anyone wants one of torrents, I could seed sometimes, but my upload is capped to around 30kB/s.

> I'm seeding, now, Richie I, as required, but can't seed many torrents at once.

Now seeding Richie I as requested.

Sorry didnt have that one anymore unfortunatly I cleaned up my torrent lately because I had too many listed it made my program slow and richie was in the lot :(

I will seed the first set of richie for you if i still have the torrent itself

Wanting to know if anyone could help seed the first Richie set 1 to 21. If you could that would be mighty hhelpful. Thx

yes epm José would be very kind if you post it :)

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about 1 month

Requested torrents are being seeded. You can download my seed from 07:00 to 15:00 GMT.
P.S. Didn't find "Octavius" torrent. Will be sharing "Europro Octavian" instead.

22581d0d33cbcbcacc8914348ca6e134?d=mm&s=24 Shirtless Boys Torrents
about 1 month

Slow download speeds? Can't finish off that one torrent? Post the name of the torrent needing seeds here, where everyone can see it. I'll make sure to seed it, and maybe others will too.

If you have a torrent someone asks for help with, please seed!

22581d0d33cbcbcacc8914348ca6e134?d=mm&s=24 Shirtless Boys Torrents
about 1 month

Tip: Don't try to download more than 1 or 2 torrents at a time. Trackers give you parts to download based on much you're sharing back. You'll never get a decent download speed if you spread your upload bandwidth over multiple torrents.

22581d0d33cbcbcacc8914348ca6e134?d=mm&s=24 Shirtless Boys Torrents
about 2 months

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