ADR Episode 56: In the Walls

by Al Dente Rigamortis • Uploaded: August 12, 2015 03:16


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About ADR Episode 56: In the Walls:

The UK Edition!

(Episode 56) 

This week’s Creepy Pasta:

- (In the Walls):

- (In The Walls):

Intro/Outro music:

Ghost Story from Imcompetech.com

Thumbs up to Diploraptor,, Natenator77 on YouTube. Without all of you, we wouldn't have this discussion. Thank You! 

Diplorator's Description for In the Walls:

“...this guy gets a call to investigate a apartment building.The super intedent or owner wants to sell but the people he has hired to scare the family off have not gotten back to him.So the investigator protagonist does his thing.Finds some information, and after the energy/time he all but confirms someone in the building killed the people.He learns that the other families have almost been scared off but go to one specific family for aid.Gets some words, and does not know spanish, but he understands the word walls.His assumption is the family is hiding the bodies in the wallsAsks a friend to confirm that is what he heard in spanish means. Via text.He then goes into the apartment building, and after some weird stuff gets a text back from the friend.He says it means 'Of the Wall'And the guy feels something watching him. And feels claws on his back, and makes a break into the hallways.Bad things happen, I think he falls down a flight of stairs when something tries to grab at him.He makes it outside and the family apologizes, and ask him to leave.The investigator just decides to tell the guy who hired him the family has someone scarier then anyone he can hire”

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