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Aries Fire
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I am a self made music producer, with passion, to let the world feel how I like my music, and share my work.

Maybe Later

By Aries Fire on January 30, 2015

Well, I removed one of my New Tracks called ( Baby It's You )  I don't know why the Track would not play on Kiwi6,  so I might just give ya a Track I have had for a couple of years ,  not sure if I want to do that though, I don't know if there are changes being made  in Kiwi6, will see later, Thanks for Following My Work, if you have any comments please do message me, Aries Fire

New Track

By Aries Fire on January 29, 2015

I have uploaded  a New Track Called ( Baby Its You ) how ever , there is some problem with the sight, so as soon as Kiwi6 can fix the problem,

  you can then listen to my new track, Thanks for Following my work, Enjoy!!! Aries Fire


By Aries Fire on January 05, 2015

Thank you, to All for Following, and Listening to

My Music, Enjoy !!! Aries Fire

p.s. New Album Playlist ( ) check it out.

Red Velvet Dreams

By Aries Fire on January 01, 2015

I was inspired to make, Red Velvet Dreams ,From my Wife Carrie , So Enjoy !!! Aries Fire

p.s. Happy New Year

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