by Asherton • December 27, 2014 01:10

The recording machine is working again!! i'll spare you the diagnosis but i'm pretty happy. but there is a bit of bad news. one of the songs, casket, was unfortunately deleted in the fixing process and now our drum machine is malfunctioning so it appears that Casket will not be feautured on the album. but looking past that, the album is once again underway. Casket will be replaced by a song called Losing My Mind, which you may know if you follow our YouTube channel. also the album has been named. its called "Heroic Witness Of The Last Happiness" and the art is finished already. the album is turning out great so far and there will be a bit of electronic experimentation on it! so far only one song has electronic elements but it could end up as more. tommorow me and Alex will finish another song- "Madrigals" which is the electronic-y one. but for today we re-recorded the vocals for Noise and recorded Alex's song "White Robes" its great! i'm excited for all of our superfans to hear the new album x) we still only have alex's songs to record. 





too far to strain

and a few others. but thats about it for this update so, goodbye! -Ethan

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