by Asherton • August 08, 2017 07:16

It has been a while. And since we left this website, a lot has happened. We uploaded our 5th album a short time before we left, and we intended to move on to soundcloud, and plug on from there. We began to record a sixth album, called "Shoot Into The Wild Blue". However, by this time, we had been disagreeing on many things musically, and personally. Me and Alex began to seperate as friends, and it seemed that the people around us were seeing Asherton as some strange songwriting competition. I began to feel like it was a contest to see who could sing, write, and play better. I'll be honest, i was selfish, and i thought i was better in all departments. I've changed my point of view to thinking it just plainly doesn't matter. But, in late 2015, Asherton was falling apart. I was growing older, and became cynical. I lost that exuberance that used to carry me forth musically. In early 2016, Me and Alex had a mild argument, and i told him i no longer wanted to be in this band. Thus, Asherton was no more. The songs were relagated to an occasional strumming on an acoustic guitar, and i moved on in my life, and Alex eventually joined the Air Force. 


Well, you may be wandering why i'm writing this, and why you have to sit through it. About a month ago, Alex told me he was coming home. In the time since we had quit, i went on with my solo music stuff, Secret Society, and released an album under my name, Ethan James Swan, titled "Rainbows". 

after the break from cooperative songwriting, i can say that i am at least partially ready to resume what we started, and Alex is too. There are still many of the same disagreements, and the debate of who will sing is in the forefront. I'm not sure if we'll continue Asherton, or maybe start a new project, and i'm not sure anything will ever come of it. But, i'm willing to put forth an effort, and we'll see how it goes.

I know that at times, i've overestimated the strength of our fanbase, but if you're there, and you're reading this, and you do care, i will keep you posted. thank you.



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