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Follow us on Twitter! @AshertonBand We're looking for Bassists! Contact our Twitter for more info or Email us at [email protected] Asherton is, Ethan James Swan - Vocals, Lead Guitar Alex Van Slyke - Vocals, Rythm Guitar Zachary Swan - Drums, Emotional support If you're in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, and you need a band to play at your event thing, LOOK NO FURTHER! Asherton can probably play for you with enough Notice! (Please avoid Thursdays)


By Asherton on August 08, 2017

It has been a while. And since we left this website, a lot has happened. We uploaded our 5th album a short time before we left, and we intended to move on to soundcloud, and plug on from there. We began to record a sixth album, called "Shoot Into The Wild Blue". However, by this time, we had been disagreeing on many things musically, and personally. Me and Alex began to seperate as friends, and it seemed that the people around us were seeing Asherton as some strange songwriting competition. I began to feel like it was a contest to see who could sing, write, and play better. I'll be honest, i was selfish, and i thought i was better in all departments. I've changed my point of view to thinking it just plainly doesn't matter. But, in late 2015, Asherton was falling apart. I was growing older, and became cynical. I lost that exuberance that used to carry me forth musically. In early 2016, Me and Alex had a mild argument, and i told him i no longer wanted to be in this band. Thus, Ashert read more...


By Asherton on October 04, 2015

Okay so i'm gonna be hella blunt. I hate this website. Alex hates this website. my mother hates this website. 

don't misinterpret. we love our followers. thanks for the support. you guys make it so we keep on keepin on. but this website is glitchy, and hardly functions. i got a virus from this crappy site and our music got glitched. so we're leaqving this desolate ground. do not fret however, as we have created a SoundCloud account! go check it out at


By Asherton on August 07, 2015

Hey, its Ethan!. I've been busy so the blog has been neglected. But LOOK AT THIS! 390 followers! HOLY FREAKIN CRAP! That may seem little but i was excited at 20. So at the moment me and Alex are hard at work at the new album. It should be done well before 2016. It is the first Asherton album to strictly feature nothing but live drums as opposed to a drum machine. We have a decent number of songs planned and they are so far

The Apocalypse Song

Dressed To Kill




Solace In The Darkness



Fall On You

Perfectly Imperfect

Weapons Of The Mind

Not Yet

Never Enough

Winter Veil


Thats not the order but those are the 14 slated songs. And yes, i know. The Lies I Tell Myself and Turn The Page aren't on there but we just weren't feeling those two. Sorry. But what we've recorded so far is amazing and if you like Asherton at all, you wil read more...

Behind The Songs: Twist Of Fate

By Asherton on June 09, 2015

Twist of Fate is an OLD song. For me anyway. I wrote this song 4 or 5 years ago.  This isnt my best song but its important in my progression as a songwriter. I started out writing songs in about 8th grade i guess. I don't remember why. The first one i ever was a crappy punk rock song titled "Braincage". It wasnt so great. But down in my basement bedroom i continued to hammer out my songwriting skills with songs like "Line In The Sand" and "Gone". They weren't good at all but i had this little batch of like 13 songs i had written. I can barely remember any. I think there was one called "Nails" but i cant remember much. As i got a bit older, life happened. I was pretty young and things like relationships confused me. At some point i met a girl at a church event (you know who you are if you're reading this) and i fell stupidly in love. We had a rocky relationship, never rising to official dating status. I thought she was so beautiful but she lost interest in me. I began to have to comp read more...

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