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Behind The Songs- It Matters To Me

By Asherton on February 08, 2015

On Fenway, there were so many good songs covered in the filth of low production quality. This was definitely a prime example. This song means oh so much to me that it physically hurts to think about it anymore. the backstory is, i knew a girl (sounds original so far right?) And she meant alot to me. Im not gonna lie, i was in love. I never got to date her though because my mom had issues with her and i was like 15. So then next thing i know the girl is gone and out of my reach and with some other guy. This song is a love song i wrote before she was taken and it was written about my inner desire to be with this girl. To this day shes still with him. breaks my heart a little bit.

Behind The Songs- Criminals

By Asherton on February 08, 2015

I think alot of guitarists have drop D phases. I remember i wrote this on a piece od notebook paper in a strange mixture of Sharpie and colored pencil. At the time i still had a crappy little flip phone and i recorded a demo on it with my guitar. As now tradition for me, i listened to the demo a hundred million times. The song itself is about being pissed at authority because i was like that back then. I was a sad little boy who hated being told what to do. But its a neat song. Not my favorite but it was considered the best until we went and listened to the CD on my stereo. Not legendary but not bad.


By Asherton on February 07, 2015

I don't really get it. Me and Alex worked so so so hard on Heroic Witness yet noone seems to be listening to it. Our followers exploded but everyones listening to 48 East? We worked hard on that one too but cmon guys, the new one has some amazing songs! Its a work of art! Admittedly, its Not my favorite album but its a good listen mainly just because of Alex's songwriting on the album. The last thing i want is for people to listen to us just to specifically hear me sing or just hear alex sing. Its a collaborative effort and it should be treated that way. i dont know if "Numb" was featured or something but why does everyone keep listening to it? It has 120 listens but its one of our weaker songs and the new album has like 0-5 listens on every single one. Why why why why why? Its so depressing. I just dont get it.


By Asherton on February 05, 2015

Oh my god theres 47 of you! I cang believe it! Im famous! Lol but seriously though, you guys must like the new stuff because i upload it and our followers double. The only thing is that the new songs have really low views still. Do me a favor and check out the new songs more. Especially "White Robes". I know i should've posted on the blog sooner about the album but i lost my internet for a while and i actually uploaded it from my phone at Alex's house on his wi-fi. But yeah. The album is all set and uploaded and its pretty good even though everyone seems to be listening to 48 East still. Cmon guys get with the program! Im kidding i appreciate the crap out of it. Anyway i just want to say thanks for the small boom in followers and here's to a succesful 2015.

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