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Behind The Songs: Break Down Crying

By Asherton on December 16, 2014

So i have this app on my phone called Pocketband. its for Androids only which kinda sucks but anyway on this app i can make songs and its kinda like my electronic music outlet. but through an annoying amount of effort i can also record rock songs. one of these songs was Break Down Crying. no you will never hear the original. its sad how bad it was. but anyway the story is that i just felt like making a song that day. so i created a basic 4 chord musical structure and improvised a quick riff. after i had the basic music down, i had to make up lyrics (which i did in like, 2 minutes). i guess that subconciously the song was about when a girl dumps you and then for some reason gets all sad over it for no legitimate reason. ("Don't hate me/ You're the one that broke it off/ all this fighting/ is gonna make you break down crying") and so the verses came really quick but the creation of this song wasnt as mindless as it might sound. the whole time i had this hook in my head and it was just read more...


By Asherton on December 16, 2014

ugh. the recording machine still isnt working. how are we gonna make sweet melodies if we cant record? my dads gonna take a look at it to see if he can get it fixed and he thinks its a small problem but still. ugh. btw some more songs might get uploaded soon. theyre sorta like extra bonus songs. just to prove we havent been lying to you guys lol. we still cant name the album. i'll talk to Alex about it today.

Behind The Songs: Baseball Bat

By Asherton on December 15, 2014

In my mind, a band's first album should start off with an awesome song that shows the potential of the band and plasters their greatness across the face of the music industry. our sorry butts picked baseball bat instead. 

        I like this song, i really do. but man, does that recording suck. when we record this is how it goes. we hook up an old casio keyboard to the old recording machine thats missing a stop button (ugh) then we pick the closest fitting drum track (closest being the fitting word)  and then we record the guitars with a grunge distortion pedal and at the time, a Charvel Skatecaster 3. (fender picks btw)  and then we record the bass which is a fender jazzmaster i believe. then we do vocals and at the time i sucked at vocals. we were new at it. so anyway, the song is good but the recording does it no justice. the guitars are too fuzzy, the bass is too quiet, the backup vocals are too quiet, and the lead vocals sound like the read more...

Long Lost Update (10)

By Asherton on December 15, 2014

So its been quite a while and let me tell ya, we've been busy. not as busy as we should be but busy. so at the moment we have about half of the album recorded. the songs recorded are



Kids Of Revolution

Casket Made In Heaven


When I Ponder


Kind Of World

so all of them except the last one are ones i wrote and as usual are a bit more straightforward. Duality is a bit darker then usual and When I Ponder is lighter than most Asherton songs. Kids Of Revolution reminds me a bit of Rise Against and Wired reminds me a bit of Smashing Pumpkins. so anyway the other songs that arent done yet are Alex's songs andare a bit softer and more Alternative-y. these are

Too Far To Strain

Dolphins Swim On Land

Dance (Working Title)

Can't Sleep

and another i cant remember the name of. but anyway when its done i think its gonna be great. we're working on an album titl read more...

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