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Follow us on Twitter! @AshertonBand We're looking for Bassists! Contact our Twitter for more info or Email us at [email protected] Asherton is, Ethan James Swan - Vocals, Lead Guitar Alex Van Slyke - Vocals, Rythm Guitar Zachary Swan - Drums, Emotional support If you're in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, and you need a band to play at your event thing, LOOK NO FURTHER! Asherton can probably play for you with enough Notice! (Please avoid Thursdays)


By Asherton on September 18, 2014

So i'm getting pretty bored of just posting updates so i'm gonna be doing something else too... i'm gonna be doing something called "Behind The Songs" (BTS) get it? its funny cuz it sounds like behind the scenes. ha. but anyway, when i post these they will look like

(BTS) Baseball Bat

and they will be just stories and meanings behind our tinny little songs! 


anyway, for the update: two new songs have been written and are being worked on by me and Alex. one is called "Static Heart" and the other is called "When I Ponder" go to our YouTube for the demos! When i ponder is fully recorded except vocals. i'm pretty pumped


By Asherton on September 14, 2014

so that place we wanted to play at didnt pan out. it was more of a blues/jazz type of venue and we dont exactly fit that. but theres a chance we will be playing at a battle of the bands!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!


By Asherton on September 08, 2014

wow was i depressed. things are better now though. update: more recording has been done (Slightly) but anyway, its vocals for a new song! its called Wired and its depressing. :D the new song is still avaliable for listening on our youtube channel! also if anyone went and checked out our Twitter and or Tumblr, i apologize for the lack of posts. i got on Zach and Alex about it. Zach apparently didnt know the login info. :P but anyway, we got our eye on a place for us to play at! JFC i want to play live!!! adios!


By Asherton on September 07, 2014

it was going so well for a while. now it feels like the band is stagnating. i dont know if its because we havent recorded in a while or if we need to play live, but all the members (myself included) seem to be losing enthusiasm. it seems so hard to start a damn rock band these days. theres virtually no scene here in hagerstown, no labels, no venues, no fans, noone who believes and it just sucks. the band isnt breaking up or anything but my problem is that nobody would reallly give a damn if it did. sometimes i think Alex and Zach wouldnt give a damn. am i being paranoid? anyway, for the update: still writing and rehearsing. a bit of recording has been done but nothin to write home about. 

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