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Follow us on Twitter! @AshertonBand We're looking for Bassists! Contact our Twitter for more info or Email us at [email protected] Asherton is, Ethan James Swan - Vocals, Lead Guitar Alex Van Slyke - Vocals, Rythm Guitar Zachary Swan - Drums, Emotional support If you're in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, and you need a band to play at your event thing, LOOK NO FURTHER! Asherton can probably play for you with enough Notice! (Please avoid Thursdays)


By Asherton on September 05, 2014

Hey there everyone! hope you've been enjoying the new music. also, a new song is up on YouTube! Alex wrote and sang it. its pretty neat. and very different from our usual style. so anyway a quick update: we're gonna play live very soon! not sure when but it will be soon. we're still searching for a label which is annoying but it'll work out. also, we've been writing agin and also doing a bit of recording. i have night school now so our time has been cut in half (at least) but we're workin' on it! the new song will most likely be on Kiwi 6 shortly.


By Asherton on August 31, 2014

small update. rehearsals are going great. we got Killjoy Man nailed and i think its ready for a gig. other songs that are close are Three and Blackjack and also Grandad And The Moth. or pretty much any of Alex's songs. i just need to remember the chords to grandad and the moth and what youve done to me xD. i hope that we can get a recording of our upcoming gigs. also, if you like us go like our page at leave us a like and some feedback and you get more details updates than this blog. thanks! :D


By Asherton on August 26, 2014

Hey there small amount of fans! I'm getting restless to play live shows and I guess just restless to be famous xD. All jokes aside, we're gonna do some rehearsals here soon and maybe we'll rehearse Numb since everyone seems to like it so much. Btw, WHY? THAT SONG IS THE WORST!! but I still appreciate the views, follows and upvotes. Depending on how it goes, I might record some of the rehearsal.

Material update: worked on a song today called "me and my big mouth" it's pretty nice. Sounds a bit like Blackjack in my opinion. We have enough songs for another album and they're great. Alex sings more and the songs are sweet (especially Alex's) but aren't they always? I'm trying to get our drummer, Zach to write some songs and very possibly sing some of em'. I think he can do it. I've also been considering writing more songs like "Three" where I wrote it but Alex sings it. Kinda seemed effective. Anyway that's all. Bye everyone!



By Asherton on August 26, 2014

Hey everyone who might be reading this. I'm Ethan from Asherton and I just wanted to say some stuff. First of all thanks for all the views and plays. Might not be much but it's nice of you. So if you're interested in our music there might be a bit of bad news. After recording an album in the middle of the summer and then writing a completely new one and recording it before the end of summer we've decided to take a bit of a break and focus on other things. We intend to start getting live shows and promoting the band more. Sadly this means a lack of new material but I'm sure you'll manage. Our priorities at this time include getting gigs, getting a record deal, buying a new drumset, and finding a bassist. We do have a drummer but we only have broken drums so all the drumwork on the albums is either drum machine or Alex playing badly and off tempo. We'll fix this stuff and get some gigs out of the way and do more recording. Thanks. Bye! -Ethan

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