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A weekly review of Marvels Agents of Shield and Agent Carter tv shows and all movies Marvel. 2 brothers, 12 years apart, discuss each episode with in depth knowledge of over 30 years reading comics and a few laughs thrown in.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 135 AoS No Regrets

April 21, 2017

Another return of a dead character! And a death of live character! Win some, lose some. Also lots of news and Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer discussion for you!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 134 AoS Identity and Change

April 14, 2017

Still in the Framework we see more characters join the fight! We disagree on parts of the episode but we both agree there is no Hope! Also Thor Ragnarok trailer discussed.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 133 AoS What If...

April 07, 2017

We enter the Framework and find friends and enemies? Or is it friends ARE enemies? Lot's of callbacks to previous seasons. Get all the connections here! Hail Hydra!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 132 Iron Fist ep 1 - 6

April 04, 2017

Our first look at Iron Fist! We cover all the details and easter eggs for episodes 1 - 6. What's good and what's bad and how does it compare to the other Marvel shows? We give you all the insight!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 131 Legion Chapter 8

April 01, 2017

The season finally is here! Can it top last weeks epic episode? Do our heroes make it out alive? Find out here as we go super indepth in our review!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 130 Legion Chapter 7

March 26, 2017

The best episode yet! Finally big reveals connecting the show to the X-Men universe. All leading up to the season finale. Can David stop the Shadow King and Division 3? Find out right here!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 129 Legion Chapter 6

March 17, 2017

The show gets turned upside down. We spend an episode in David's (or the devil's?) world and move closer to revealing the villain. We know who it is and you can too by giving a listen!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 128 Legion Chapter 5

March 10, 2017

Legion turns into a horror show in this episode! Answer are being given and a villan is emerging. And one of the scariest endings on tv ever!!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 127 Logan

March 07, 2017

The last review you'll ever need for the last Wolverine movie! What we like and what we didn't and all the comic connections are discussed! Continuity be damned! (because Fox damned it first)

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 126 Legion Chapter 4

March 02, 2017

Big answers in this chapter! Bigger questions asked? Is Lenny the Devil? Is there even a Lenny? And what's it like to live in an ice cube? Big episode and a big review right here!

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