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A weekly review of Marvels Agents of Shield and Agent Carter tv shows and all movies Marvel. 2 brothers, 12 years apart, discuss each episode with in depth knowledge of over 30 years reading comics and a few laughs thrown in.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 180 AOS Past Life

February 07, 2018

Wrapping up the future storyline with big changes and many deaths! Will all the heroes make it back? All answers are here as well as discussion of the Super Bowl trailers.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 179 AOS Best Laid Plans

January 30, 2018

Getting close to wrapping up the doomed future storyline. Mysteries are being solved. Characters continue to die. Will it end well for all our heroes? We have theories, so give a listen!

Listen   41:52

Bennett Brothers podcast ep 178 AOS The Last Day

January 23, 2018

First time travel, now time loops!?! Lot's of answers and new questions. And why is Flint at the center of everything? We have theories, so give a listen.

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bennett brothers podcast ep 177 The Gifted ep 12 & 13 eXtraction X-roads

January 22, 2018

The big finale is here! Time for some X-Men action! Does it end with a bang or a whimper? Are we going to continue with this show? Do they ever say Magneto!?! Find out all answers right here!

Listen   54:57

bennett brothers podcast ep 176 AOS Together or Not at All

January 18, 2018

The team is finally reunited! The Kree villians make a big move! And a character from the past shows up in the future! Good stuff.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 175 AoS Fun and Games

January 12, 2018

It's a bloodbath episode! We talk about all the deaths and where the show goes from here. Also covering the new Fox X-men movie shuffling, where Kelsey is with the MCU and how the movie Willard ties into Toy Story!?! Gotta listen to find out.

Listen   49:25

Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 174 The Gifted ep 11 3X1

January 09, 2018

This episode kicks it up a notch as we head to the season finale. Lot's of X-men call outs! Story moves forward in exciting ways and we review it all!

Listen   36:13

Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 173 The Punisher 8 - 13

January 08, 2018

Our wrap up review of The Punisher is here! All the Easter eggs and comic connection revealed! Does the show end strong? Will there be a season 2? All is answered in the podcast!

Listen   63:04

Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 172 AoS Rewind

December 28, 2017

Our holiday show is here! And the gift is the return of Fitz and Lance Hunter! Lots of questions finally answered as we say goodbye to 2017!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 171 AoS A Life Earned

December 19, 2017

Still in space and in the future, SHIELD learns more about the new world they live in. Quake enters the arena. And a great cliffhanger ending! We are dying to see what happens next!

Listen   32:21

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