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A weekly review of Marvels Agents of Shield and Agent Carter tv shows and all movies Marvel. 2 brothers, 12 years apart, discuss each episode with in depth knowledge of over 30 years reading comics and a few laughs thrown in.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 150 Inhumans ep 3 Divide and Conquer

October 09, 2017

Our 150th episode brings back the news section! Discussion about The Runaways trailer, Justice League trailer and even new Star Wars trailer. All this and an in-depth review of ep 3 of the Inhumans! Does it get better, find out here!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 149 The Gifted ep 1 eXposed

October 05, 2017

Reviewing Episode 1 of the new X-Men related show The Gifted. How does it connect to the movies? To Legion? To the MCU!?! All the answers are here as well as comic connections and Easter eggs!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 148 Inhumans ep 1 & 2

October 04, 2017

Inhumans 2 episode premiere review is here! Find out the differences with the IMAX version. All the comic connections. And if it is actually worth your time to watch.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 147 Inhumans IMAX

September 07, 2017

Review of The Inhumans IMAX experience both good and bad. Was is worth the money? Does it leave hope for the series? Answers are here as well as some comic book history.

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 146 The Defenders 5 - 8

September 06, 2017

Wrapping up our review of this awesome crossover event! Who lives and who dies? What is "The Substance"? Does Iron Fist get his mask? All questions answered right here!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 145 The Defenders 1 - 4

August 25, 2017

The big crossover is here! In depth review of episodes 1 - 4 and all the connections to the four previous shows and comic references. We figure out how it is all connected!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 144 Spider-Man Homecoming

July 12, 2017

Spider-Man swings into the MCU and all the easter eggs and comic connections are here! How does this movie rank against the other MCU movies? Give a listen and find out!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 143 Outtakes

June 19, 2017

A special short episode of outtakes from several episodes. Listen to us struggle trying to start each episode. And fail.

This "clean" version is available uncensored at:


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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 142 Wonder Woman

June 07, 2017

Reviewing DC's Wonder Woman movie. Does it work? Is it the best DC movie so far? Is there an after credit scene? All questions answered and comic book connections as well!

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Bennett Brothers podcast Ep 141 AoS World's End

May 19, 2017

The season finale is here! Does Aida win? Does Mack make it out of the Framework? And what is Coulson doing in space? Find out here and learn whre we think the show is going next season!

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