The Rapture_ The Mockingbird (2012) Solo Demo

by Bruce Alan Fleming • Uploaded: September 21, 2012 06:19



About The Rapture The Mockingbird (2012) Solo Demo:

e-mail: [email protected] The Mockingbird (1990) T=120 (0,05 m/s) Intro: (8 bars) C = = Em = = C = = Em = = C Em There stands a mockingbird in the isle by the door C Em He licks his lips and stares at the maiden on the floor C Em Alice. oh Alice deny him blood. Blood no more C Em His eyes are closed but he still sees you as a whore F Am He asks you one more time to give him love from you G Am He needs the love you give to keep his china blue Instr: (8 bars) C = = Em = = C = = Em = = And on the desert road the fire lights his eyes Your bitter sweetness helps him cover up his lies Alice, oh Alice descend from the heights of the sky and bring the love he needs to full-fill his disguise Chorus: As the night is falling fading to the ground he can’t believe the magic flowing all around Alice, oh Alice depends on the love she has found forgive the mockingbird he knows not where he’s bound Written, performed & produced by Bruce Alan Fleming All rights reserved! ENJOY & PASS ON!!!

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