Super Bowl XLIX preview, FanWars, Super Bowl Party and 5th Anniversary - CR032

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About Super Bowl XLIX preview, FanWars, Super Bowl Party and 5th Anniversary - CR032:

Crusaders Radio Episode 032 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 27, 2015):

The Super Bowl is almost here. During today's Show we have 3 guests, Mihai Grigoras (Mike), Alex Nguyen, both Seahawks fans and Adrian Tamas which is a Patriots fan.

We go over some headlines, most of the news have been about the "Deflategate" and the implications for Patriots.

We agree, except Adrian Tamas, that is actually simple, there is a rule, a rule was broken, then there should be a fine/punishment to Patriots as an Organization.

One of the biggest fears Rafael had during the week was that they would come up with a scapegoat to save of any guilt Tom Brady or Bill Belichick or Patriots at all. Recently was shown a video where an employee is taken the balls out of the officials room and then returning them making this to think here is where the ball tampering occurred.

We would like to hear your opinion, so send us your message on facebook or use the form below.

During Fanwars our guests give their arguments on why their team should win, we ask for the best assets of each team and we make a predictions of who will win and approximate score.

We announce that Cluj Crusaders 5th anniversary will be celebrated at the same time as our Super Bowl party, we will have a Madden NFL tournament on PS4 and some surprises for the night.

If you happen to be in Cluj, or in the area of Transylvania, come check out the party and watch the game with us at Indigo Restaurant.

This and more in today's episode!





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