Tom Brady, Tom Cruise, Tom Jones and Tom&Jerry - CR057

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About Tom Brady, Tom Cruise, Tom Jones and Tom&Jerry - CR057:

Episode recorded on 08.09.2015

What's the keyword in our title? tom tom tom tom.... (with a mystery style sound)

Yes! the word Tom! and that is because on this episode we have a new guest, the player Petrisor Dumitrache which has expressed his admiration for the Toms!

During this episode we go from left to right, top to bottom... And we also need to correct something, we mentioned our recording place, we actually meant we are NOT in our recording studio we recorded this episode somewhere else therefore we had to use only a recorder no mics available. So bear with us a bit in the quality of this episode audio :D

During the interview to our guest we go through so many funny moments while he expresses he likes Tom Brady and Tom need to listen all the rest!

We also talk about NFL news and of course we do our first crystal ball of the season. Something you can't miss out, our predictions for the Super Bowl!

At the moment of recording this episode we discovered we are ranked nr. 15 on itunes globally in the category of Sports and Hobbies, so we want to give a BIG THANK YOU to our listeners in Romania and speacially to the ones in the rest of the world! Let's keep pushing it up so we reach better and to more persons!

This and more in today's episode!



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