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Cluj Crusaders is an American Football and Powerlifting team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Podcast in English. In Crusaders Radio we talk all about Crusaders plus all about American Football including NFL and Powerlifting.

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CR054 - Flag Football tournament and NFL Results

August 21, 2015

Episode recorded on 18.08.2015

Today we talk all about the Flag football championship we will host this weekend in Cluj-Napoca: Crusaders Flag Football Challenge II

This is the second edition of the championship and is expected to get very good games since most of the teams in the country are sending a team.

We also talked about the NFL news and some results and of course we checked how we did at the pre-season Crystal Ball.

So far Alex is ahead while Dorin is second place and Rafael is third. We will se next week what happens!

An important announcement:

Next week, Tuesday 25 at 19:00 (EEST) Crusaders Radio will recorded live and we will have a chat with a guest and you can ask any questions you have and we will be able to read and answer anything you wanna say there.

This is what you need to do:

To Listen - Go to and either use your favourite player or use the play button on the radio to listen live. You can also use Tune-in and search for Dark Mind Radio to listen to us.

To Chat - If you also want to participate in the chat, just go to Dark Mind's radio Chat ( and there you can chat and isten the radio by pressing the play button. You need to sign in either with a social media account or create a chat account.

We invite you to interact with us!

This and more in today's episode!


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Powerlifting and Pre-season Crystal Ball - CR053

August 17, 2015

Episode recorded on 11.08.2015

Crusaders attended a powerlifting competition, the Tiger Classic Cup.

The team participated with 5 guys:

  • Cat +120 - Szasz Csaba
  • Cat. 120 kg - Chesovan Marius
  • Cat. 105 kg - Schiopu Ion
  • Cat. 93 kg - Albert Attila
  • Cat. 83 kg - Oltean Florin

During the competition we were able to obtain very good results.

We also talk about the NFL and did a Crystal Ball for the pre-season.

If you would like to participate in our group of Pigskin Pick'em join and get the chance to win a T-shirt at the end of the season.

Joins us at:

This and more in today's episode!

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The Swimathon - CR048

July 08, 2015

Episode recorded on 07.07.2015


Crusaders Radio is back!


And we are back for a special episode dedicated to our fundraising event: The Swimathon.


The Cluj Crusaders are taking part in the Swimathon as a means to raise money for the mission described above. We willl be swimming with two teams made up of active players, staff and supporters.

Whichever team you decide to support, the money will be given t to the club and spent according to our goals and projects.

CS Club Crusaders is a non-profit profit sports club dedicated to developing American Football in Romania and particularly in our home-town, Cluj-Napoca – the biggest education hub in Transylvania, Romania. We

also offer ex-pats pats working and studying in Cluj the chance to play the sport and find a second home away from their countries of origin.


 This and more in today's episode!


Listen to StitcherLinks:


Swimathon Main Page


Crusaders @ the Swimathon


Donate to the Red Team or to the White Team or directly a fixed amount for the Cause


Cluj Crusaders on Facebook-

Crusaders Official Website -

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Travis Brody Strikes Back - CR047

May 25, 2015

Episode recorded on 19.05.2015

Finally after a little bit of delay episode 47 is out!.

Cluj Crusaders is having right now the most intense period of the year, right now we are classified in the semifinals, having a game this weekend plus we are the organizers of the RoBowl VI this year in our city, Cluj-Napoca and it's more accumulated among other events we have had.

In this episode we have once again our friend Travis Brody from the website The Growth of a Game and certainly podcast podcast title resembles a Star Wars film :P

We went thorough a lot of topics ranging from IFAF to other types of development of American football in Europe.

You can also listen to Travis in our previous episode:

So without any delay delay go listen to our episode and don't forget to visit The Growth of a Game



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2 Beers - 3 Beers + Results + Interview to the Policeman - CR046

May 07, 2015

Episode recorded on 05.05.2015

Today we start with a quote of a very good friend, as a thank you for the countless hours of science, fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence discussions and other so diverse topics we have had. Thank you!

The actual show we start finally having all hosts in place and for the second week since some time ago we have again a guest to interview: Elod Todor.


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Results of Games and an Astronaut! - CR045

April 30, 2015

Episode recorded on 28.04.2015

This is a very interesting Period for the championship, since final positions are starting to be established.

This week Dorin is with us but Alex is missing because of a Cold. But no, not a cold beer, just a normal cold :)

We also have a special guest a junior and not so junior. Attila Kovacs is a young guy that started the season with 17 years old and now he is 18 and he talks about his experience in Crusaders, what he likes the most, favourite position and the fact he likes to cook and he wanted to be an astronaut when e was a child, not very long ago.

Listen   33:27

Checking the next games-and popcorn - CR044

April 23, 2015

Episode recorded on 23.04.2015

Like the previous episode our guest for interview couldn't make it so we have a shorter show this week, in which Alex, Dorin and Rafael discuss about the upcoming games and make a small crystal ball check for the game between the Timisoara 89ers and Bucharest Rebels.

Seems popcorn is starting to switch chips in our table while recording and Dorin was almost drooling about them!

This is the last game of the Intercoference week, we are t the middle of the championship, 2 more games to go before semifinals.

This and more in today's episode!


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Next Games in CNFA, NFL+Celebrities - CR043

April 16, 2015

Episode recorded on 14.04.2015

Today's show notes are very simple and straight forward.

Dorin is back from wherever in the universe he was and we talk about the next games in the CNFA (National Championship of American Football), we have small Crystal Ball thing.

After this we jump to talk about the NFL, which celebrities are Fans of NFL teams and which team.

We also talk about the first official girl playing American Football in Europe.

We talk about future episodes and what topics will be on them.

This and more in today's episode!


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CNFA 2015 Results + Tie your tie + Officials Topic+ I want my Tesla - CR042

April 09, 2015

Episode recorded on 08.04.2015

Another week CNfA 2015 is over and along with Alex we discuss the results of the games.

Certainly the most controversial from our point of view is the tie between teams in Bucharest. After their game played on Saturday 4th of April, Bucharest Warriors and Bucharest rebels tied their game with a score of 12 points for each.

The controversy on this result is the fact of using NCAA rules and that attack series on overtime should have been run. The argument mentioned by Officials is that since the season is done by home/away games is ok to have a tie although there's really no record of this kind of agreement and in fact since 2012 was talked that we should not have tied games.

In the second game, we, Crusaders, won our game against the Timisoara 89ers with a score of 29-13. Though game but we manage to start strong, by the end of the game they were able to try to come back scoring 2 touchdowns and an extra point.

We also talk a bit the good and the bad of the Officials in our game, some very obvious penalty not called, but also a very good call they had.

We agree that all teams need more preparation and knowledge about officiating and rules, because although they are not officials, is important to know how they manage their mechanics so we will have less and less controversy specially since still today lot of player invoke rules that they see on NFL, which doesn't apply at all to us and just shows the lack of preparation in rules, that NFL and video games will never provide.

This and more in today's episode!

PS: We expect our Tesla cars delivered! (Listen to the end to find out why!)



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Special interview with Travis Brody + Results of CNFA - CR041

April 02, 2015


Episode recorded on 31.03.2015

In this week's episode, Dorin is finally back and is a special one since we have an interview with Travis Brody, known across Europe by his blog The Growth of a Game.

But before the interview we make a fast review of what was last week games in the CNFA 2015.

Starting by our game which was a win against the Resita Locomotives with a score of 52-0. Certainly Locomotives adjusted a bit their tactics but we were able to read and adapt to them fast enough to not accept any points against us.

In the other game of the week, Bucharest Warriors vs Mures Monsters where Warriors were able to prevail and defeated Monsters with a score of 40-19.

We invite everyone to come and support us Sunday April 5th, in our game against the Timisoara 89ers that will take place at the Park Iuliu Hatieganu, better known as Parcul Babes in Cluj-Napoca. Kick off will be at 11:00.

And finally our interview with Travis, many topics and extensively discussed, so we will not write exactly what we talked about, but we certainly invite you to listen to the full interview cause is worth the listen!

This and more in today's episode!


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