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Cluj Crusaders is an American Football and Powerlifting team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Podcast in English. In Crusaders Radio we talk all about Crusaders plus all about American Football including NFL and Powerlifting.

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Comments on Week 1, Interview with Peter Zitzman, a look on week 2 - CR040

March 26, 2015

Episode recorded on 24.03.2015

Dorin is still away but we have a special guest, Peter Zitzman that plays the position of Defensive end in Cluj Crusaders.

We review the game of Locomotives vs 89ers, We think the psychological moment was a big factor too, since form the first play, the kick off, Timisoara scored and did again in their second possession.

The final score of the game was 49-0 for Timisoara 89ers. At the end of the game we tried to interview players from Resita and well was not the best moment so we only have Timisoara players and the Head Coach Alexander Klein in the interviews.

Is clear for Crusaders that we will not face the same team we saw in Timisoara and that we will take it very serious because we are sure there will be an improvement.

During the interview we discovered that Zitz wanted to be a Fireman!

In Bucharest took place the second game of the first week of the championship between the Mures Monsters and the Bucharest Rebels. At this game Rebels won with a score of 60-3.

Week 2 games:

Saturday 28.03: [email protected]

Sunday 29.03: [email protected]

 This and more in today's episode!



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Timisoara 89ers and Cluj Crusaders+Ready to start the championship! - CR039

March 20, 2015

Episode recorded on 17.03.2015

Dorin misses today's episode but we invoke constantly his name to keep his presence alive!

We talk about the history of Timisoara 89ers, which dates back to 2010, when they started as Timisoara Lions. We go through the main events of the team until last championship which they hosted and got the 2nd place in a  very good game against Bucharest Rebels.

After them we talk about Crusaders, a fast review as well of what has been our history since 2010 and up to date.

We are ready for the Championship and we make some "Crystal Ball" predictions about the first week game of the Championship.

This and more in today's episode!



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Mures Monsters, Resita and more about development - CR038

March 12, 2015

Episode recorded on 10.03.2015

We talk today about the Mures Monsters and the Resita Locomotives.

History, websites, competitions they have participated and the conversation changes also to american football development.

Once again Alex and I go rampant talking about what is good, what is wrong or what we would like about the development.

This and more in today's episode!


Mures Monsters Website

Resita Locomotives Website

Cluj Crusaders on Facebook

Crusaders Official Website

Dark Mind Radio - Altering your mind Frequencies

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CNFA 2015 and the South-East division - CR037

March 05, 2015

Episode recorded on 03.03.2015

Alex Bradea and Dorin Pop are back with us and seems all the city is sick.

We talk more about history, this time we start with the South-East Division and specially with the Bucharest Warriors and the Bucharest Rebels.

Warriors founded in 2012 and Rebels was founded after players of Warriors left the team in 2012.

Bucharest Rebels won the championship in 2014.

This and more in today's episode!



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CNFA 2015 and some history, solo mode on - CR036

February 26, 2015

Episode recorded on 20.02.2015

In this episode I go solo mode, we all had a very busy and unexpected circumstances made our co-hosts not be able to be present for the recording, hopefully Alex Bradea and Dorin Pop will be joining us next week.

Today we talk first about the CNFA, CNFA stands for Campionatul National de Fotbal American. This has been the official american football championship since 2010 when the 4 teams at that time decided to do a championship. Back in 2010 participated Bucharest Warriors, Bucharest Predators, Timisoara Lions and Cluj Crusaders.

The first official National Championship game was played between Timisoara Lions and Cluj Crusaders in Timisoara and the first official touchdown was scored by Florin Oltean (Crusaders) during a kickoff return.

As the years passed the final, the Ro-Bowl has changed and had a big evolution form the first edition to the last one.

For 2015, the CNFA will ahve 2 divisions: NorthWest and SouthEast.

The teams that will participate in the NorthWest are:

  • Resita Locomotives
  • Timisoara 89ers
  • Cluj Crusaders

The teams in the SouthEast division:

  • Bucharest Warriors
  • Mures Monsters
  • Bucharest Rebels

We hope to have soon the final city for the Ro-Bowl VI, for this year 2015.

We discuss and invite everyone to participate answering a question: What do you think would make easier and help the development of american football in Romania?

You can participate in the discussion by writting your opinion in our Facebook page, use the form at the end of this post, write to us an email or even better:

- Go to and on the right part there is a button that says: Send us voicemail. You can click there and send us your feedback. You can use any microphone, from your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc. You just need internet besides  a mic. We will play any comment we receive there, don't forget to mention your name, where are you from, mention that is a comment for Crusaders Radio and your comment.

We will be waiting for your contributions!

This and more in today's episode!



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Officiating Clinic with Jim Briggs, CNFA 2015 - CR035

February 19, 2015

In today's episode Dorin Pop and Rafael Ruiz talk about the officiating clinic that took place in Bucharest, 14 and 15 of February 2015, event Organized by AAFAR (Officials Association) and hosted by Jim Briggs.

Jim Briggs is the author of the book "Manual of Officiating Football" and the IFAF Rules. He is also a member of BAFRA (British American Football Referees Association).

We play some bits of the clinic and we also have an interesting interview with Jim Briggs and with Silviu Duta, General Secretary of LEFA (Association of Teams of American Football in Romania) and Vicepresident of AAFAR.


This and more in today's episode!


British American Football Referees' Association: BAFRA


Cluj Crusaders on Facebook

Crusaders Official Website

Dark Mind Radio - Altering your mind Frequencies

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(Recorded on Tuesday, February 10, 2015):

This is more like transitional episode, now that the NFL is over we will be focusing in the Romanian National Championship.

We will be having interviews with other teams, with Crusaders players in a new dynamic.

Besides the CNFA 2015 we will be also covering news from American Football around Europe, also making interviews and we make a call to all Crusaders Teams across Europe to unite in our podcast to let others know how they are doing in their leagues and the current development in their respective countries.

This and more in today's episode!




Cluj Crusaders on Facebook

Dark Mind Radio - Altering your mind Frequencies


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Super Bowl XLIX and Crusaders Party - CR033

February 05, 2015

(Recorded on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2015):

The Super Bowl is over, this means the NFL is also over.

Crusaders Radio closes another chapter but continues after the NFL.

Dorin is back form the USA, he stayed some days over there and he talks a bit about the famous Blizzard. According to him while everyone was scared of it, for him and most people in Romania would have been a normal snow day, like actually was happening at the time of recording the podcast.

On the NFL headlines, Manziel still on rehab, Warren Zapp was detained for solicitation at 5 am in Phoenix Arizona, World Championship of American Football will still happen.

The World Championship of American Football was ratified to take place in Canton Ohio  but only 8 teams will still participate out of 12. The participating teams are:

  1.  USA
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Mexico
  5. France
  6. Australia
  7. South Korea
  8. Panama

The teams that will not participate due to financial and other reasons are:

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. Moroco
  4. Sweden (Original Organizer)

Soon IFAF will announce the format and calendar of competition.

Regarding the NFL, well, there's not much more to say form what we have been already invaded in the last days. Definitely we all agree that the play call, no matter how strategic was the pass decision, should have been a run with Lynch. Now we will see what happens with the famous "deflategate" and the Patriots.

During his trip, Dorin was able to make few interviews at the moment of the game and he will share with us how was the Super Bowl in New York.

We were able to make few interviews at the Crusaders Party celebrating 5 years and some of the guys send some birthday wishes to the team.

We still have a contest running for a Tshirt, post a Picture of Video at our wall in Facebook and we will draw a winner using and one more which will be voted as the best message by the team (*Team members cannot participate).

What's next after the NFL for Crusaders Radio? We will start the promotion of the Romanian Championship, the CNFA 2015 and we will try to gather also some info about the other seasons across Europe and hopefully we will be able to have interviews with people even outside of the country.

This and more in today's episode!


Indigo Restaurnat Cluj

Super Bowl Official Website

Cluj Crusaders on Facebook

Crusaders Official Website

Dark Mind Radio - Altering your mind Frequencies


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Super Bowl XLIX preview, FanWars, Super Bowl Party and 5th Anniversary - CR032

January 29, 2015

Crusaders Radio Episode 032 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 27, 2015):

The Super Bowl is almost here. During today's Show we have 3 guests, Mihai Grigoras (Mike), Alex Nguyen, both Seahawks fans and Adrian Tamas which is a Patriots fan.

We go over some headlines, most of the news have been about the "Deflategate" and the implications for Patriots.

We agree, except Adrian Tamas, that is actually simple, there is a rule, a rule was broken, then there should be a fine/punishment to Patriots as an Organization.

One of the biggest fears Rafael had during the week was that they would come up with a scapegoat to save of any guilt Tom Brady or Bill Belichick or Patriots at all. Recently was shown a video where an employee is taken the balls out of the officials room and then returning them making this to think here is where the ball tampering occurred.

We would like to hear your opinion, so send us your message on facebook or use the form below.

During Fanwars our guests give their arguments on why their team should win, we ask for the best assets of each team and we make a predictions of who will win and approximate score.

We announce that Cluj Crusaders 5th anniversary will be celebrated at the same time as our Super Bowl party, we will have a Madden NFL tournament on PS4 and some surprises for the night.

If you happen to be in Cluj, or in the area of Transylvania, come check out the party and watch the game with us at Indigo Restaurant.

This and more in today's episode!





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Conference Championship games results and comments, other NFL News - CR031

January 22, 2015

Crusaders Radio Episode 031 (Recorded on Tuesday 20, January 2015):

In this Episode we discuss the results of the Conference championship games.

Of course Alex has a lot to say about the incredible of Seahawks but mostly the incredible loss of the Packers.

Should Packers have tried to score a TD in their first 2 possessions or not?

On other news, the NFL is investigating if the Patriots used deflated balls on the game against the Colts.

This and more in today's episode!



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