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Cluj Crusaders is an American Football and Powerlifting team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Podcast in English. In Crusaders Radio we talk all about Crusaders plus all about American Football including NFL and Powerlifting.

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Crusaders Radio Episode 030 (Recorded on Tuesday 13, January 2015):

  • Today Dorin is not with us, is travelling back to Cluj-Napoca but we have with us the winner of the Crystal Ball, Rzv25!
  • We made a small interview to Rzv25, razvan, 25 year old that is fan of the New Orleans Saints. He shared his technique for winning :D
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  • Some of the news we talk about: POssible rule changes in the NFL, Dick Lebeau quits as Steelers Defensive Coordinator, a boy writes a letter to all 32 NFL teams.
  • Since there's a lot of controversy we decided to invite again Adrian Baciu to give his opinion regarding the "Catch" from the Cowboys vs Packers game.
  • After reviewing and discussing all the details about the controversial decision, we made a poll with everyone from the show and the majority said: No Catch!
  • We ask our winner Rzv25 his picks for the Conference Championship games and discuss who could win.

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Picks for Divisional Games, FanWars and Sarmale are here! - CR029

January 08, 2015


Alex got us finally some sarmale and we ate all very fast!

We talked about the results of the Wildcard games, we got the data from Rzv25 and his t-shirt will be delivered as soon as possible.

There were some controversial calls by the Officials during the Cowboys vs Lions game and we discuss about it and what happened.

We also announced who are the teams that will play the final, for the first time, of the NCAA Football.

In our Fanwars we have Florin Oltean and Adrian Baciu as guests talking about their respective teams and their games for the Division.

We give our picks for the divisional games.


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Crusaders Radio 028: End of Regular Season + Crystal Ball winner

January 03, 2015

In this episode of Crusaders Radio:

The regular Season in the NFL is over.We talk about some of the relevant news of the week and the playoff picture for the Wildcard games.Our predictions for the games.

We know the winner of the Crystal Ball and will get a free Crusaders Tshirt!

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Christmas Show - Sarmale Wifi - CR027

December 25, 2014

This week:

Alex is in remote location and we ask him about having ready Sarmale.

We talk few NFL News.

The last FanWars of the year is not exactly as usual, we changed to xmas Fan Wars. What presents do you wish to your rival teams to be delivered by Santa?

Regular Season almost over and standings of the Crystal Ball.


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