D Vibe

D Vibe
  • Lusaka, Zambia    
  • +260971728126
  • http://dvibeofficial.wordpress.com
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Hip-hop artist making the best of rap music. Making those tracks which you don't just listen once to understand but might need to listen three or four times to get the best of it. Young, energetic and full of life. Once the worst, now competing with the best, having nothing yet possessing it all, looking like nothing and yet being everything, D Vibe is one determined artist. He knows no boundaries to his music. His songs are full of purity and bring out the best in the genre of hip-hop, sometimes not with the best tune and rythm but having a concrete and dexterious message; once thoroughly heard and understood, you will appreciate its worth. He is still finding his voice though; so forgive his experimental vocals which may in some occasions perhaps more than ussual be some-what raw. Enough said, this young artist may not be the best right now, but give him enough time and attention, you will realise that he has the potential to be the best in the nest.

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