Bass Bunni

Bass Bunni
  • Waterloo ON    

I am a 16-year old Canadian electronic artist, lives in Ontario.

To all coming here from my soundcloud

By Bass Bunni on September 13, 2015

as I said before. All the tracks that I've deleted off my soundcloud will be on this account here. That is all, peace out my bunnies!

hey there

By Bass Bunni on March 09, 2015

Well. I have been mostly on my soundcloud lately. I would really appreciate it if you guys could increase publicity on my soundcloud seeing as the amount of followers I have here have skyrocketed incredibly fast. Thank you all so much and I promise I am not abandoning all of you. I'm still working away at my music when I have the chance.  I also would like to announce that I will be doing a live audiostream this thursday for my top ten most popular tracks, regardless of which website they were popular on. the stream begins at roughly 6:30 PM pacific time. I will also send out a tweet on my twitter before the stream begins. so dont forget to follow me!


By Bass Bunni on November 17, 2014

Thank you all for listening and enjoying my music. I hope you all enjoy my new tracks!

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