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A James Bond Podcast that is shaken and definitely not stirred, unless it's by George Lazenby. Hosted by Ben Waterworth, Colin Hilding & Noah Groves

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Episode #2 - Of Mice & Mangoes - Dr No

July 11, 2015

It's time to get into the movies of James Bond and bring you our very first film retrospective as we look at Dr No from 1962. Just why is there an obsession with Mangoes? What is the deal with three blind mice in a row? Why is Quarell so amazing? And what is James Bond's Kryptonite that we might just have discovered? All is revealed and more by downloading this episode!

Listen   160:31

Episode #1 - The Names Seven, Double Oz Seven - An Introduction

July 01, 2015

Welcome to the newest James Bond podcast on the internet! Meet your hosts Ben, Colin & Noah and find out why they love James Bond so much. Get their thoughts on the upcoming Spectre and find out just why George Lazenby is so damn awesome. You have been warned...

Listen   69:02

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