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EdToday-17-08-08-Roger Powell

August 08, 2017

Dr. Roger Powell of San Bernardino Valley College discusses the state of cyber security in the world of education.

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EdToday-17-07-25-Janiele Maffei

July 25, 2017

Janiele Maffei of the California Earthquake Authority, discusses earthquake safety, earthquake history and how these two issues affect our schools. 

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EdToday-17-07-04-Jeff Tierney

June 27, 2017

Jeff Tierney, Director of Boy's Town Press, discusses the role of Boy's Town Press in larger mission of Boy's Town as it exists today.  

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EdToday-17-06-27-Ryan Smith

June 21, 2017

The Executive Director of Education Trust-West, Ryan Smith, discusses a recent study showing the educational inequities for low income students and students of color in the State of California.

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EdToday-17-06-20-Maria Polonchek

June 14, 2017

Maria Polonchek, author of In Good Faith: Secular Parenting in a Religioius World, discusses the role and importance of secular parenting in contemporary society.  

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EdToday-17-06-13-Alicia Maciel

June 12, 2017

Alicia Maciel, Executive Director of the Prentice School (Tustin, CA) discusses the effects of summer break on the learning process, and ways to mitigate potential loss.  

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EdToday-17-05-30-David Burkus

May 25, 2017

Author and professor David Burkus discusses the transition from college to work, and what college graduates can expect. 

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EdToday-17-04-11-Justin Ashley

April 26, 2017

Justin Ashley, award winning teacher discusses the need for life-balance in order for teachers to be successful and fulfilled.  His new book is Balanced Teacher Path and is available from Free Spirit Publishing. 

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EdToday-17-05-02-Billy Downing

April 26, 2017

Billy Downing, author and college admission expert, discusses the latest trends in the college admission process, as well as best ways for students to prepare for the transition to college. 

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EdToday-17-03-28-Michelle Carter

March 24, 2017

Michelle Carter, Program Manager for SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) discusses the importance of recess in the context of elementary education. 

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