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EdToday-15-09-08-Kevin Jennings

September 09, 2015
This episode is a discussion with Kevin Jennings about LGBT teachers, and their experience in classrooms today. Featuring the book, One Teacher in Ten in the New Millennium.
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EdToday-15-09-01-Brian Gray

September 03, 2015
Brian Gray, Coordinator of Homework Hotline, operated by Harvey Mudd College, discusses the program, its history and its future.
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August 20, 2015
David Henry, Senior Director of Dining Services at UC Riverside discusses the role of food services in today's university setting.
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August 20, 2015
Nicholas Wyman (author of 'Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need') discusses the skills needed to be successful in today's job market.
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August 11, 2015
A brief discussion with Elizabeth King, internationally recognized authority on the SAT and ACT. Featuring her new book, 'Acing the ACT'.
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EdToday-15-07-28-Annie Colbeck

July 29, 2015
Annie Colbeck of St. Mary's College, discusses the LEAP Program (Liberal Education for Arts Professionals) and the importance of education for professional dancers.
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EdToday-15-07-04-JD Pirtle

July 14, 2015

JD Pirtle discusses the state of the art of technology in the elementary classroom from his role at Catherine Cook School in Chicago. 

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EdToday-15-06-30-Dr Paul Lyons

June 30, 2015
Dr. Paul Lyons discusses the history and future of the new, UC Riverside School of Medicine.
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EdToday-15-06-16-Gerry Fisher

June 16, 2015
Gerry Fisher, former president of Solano College (Fairfield, CA) discusses his career and related issues.
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EdToday-15-06-09-Breakfast After the Bell

June 10, 2015
Tia Shimada with California Food Policy Advocates discusses the fate of AB 1240 and it's affect on the quality of education in California.
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