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EdToday - 15-05-05-Robin Darcangelo

May 03, 2015
A discussion with Robin Darcangelo, Associate Dean of Financial Aid, EOPS and Veterans at Solano College, Fairfield, CA
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EdToday-15-02-17-Anil B. Deolalikar

February 17, 2015
Dr. Anil Deolalikar, the founding Dean of the UC Riverside School of Public Policy, discusses the recent Blum Initiative and how it will impact the Inland Empire of Southern California.
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EdToday-15-02-10-Dan Lewis

February 10, 2015
Dr. Daniel Lewis discusses the state of teaching of American History in California the rest of the country. Dr. Lewis is the Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Student Services in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.
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EdToday-15-02-03-Roger Powell

February 03, 2015
Dr. Roger Powell helps us explore the exploding field of cyber security, and the critical role that higher education is playing.
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EdToday-15-01-27 - Ramin Sedehi

January 27, 2015
Ramin Sedehi, Director of the Higher Education Consulting Practice with the Berkeley Research Group discusses President Obama's recent proposal to offer free community college access to qualified students.
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EdToday-15-01-12-Mike Brickman

January 13, 2015
Mike Brickman, Director of National Policy for the Fordham Institute (Washington, D.C.) discusses the history and current state of the Common Core.
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EdToday-14-12-16-Shannon Hughes

December 18, 2014

A discussion with Shannon Hughes, Marketing Director for Udemy, about the state of the art of online instruction.  

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EdToday-14-12-09-Rebecca Waller

December 11, 2014

A discussion with Rebecca Waller, Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, regarding recent research with preschool age children. 

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December 03, 2014

A discussion of Come Back Kids Charter School, a drop-out recovery program in Riverside County, California.  

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EdToday-14-11-18-Karen Quinn

December 03, 2014

A discussion with Karen Quinn about standardized test in K-8, and how best to prepare your child.  

Listen   28:44

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