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A weekly discussion of the trends and issues in the world of education and observations on the ever changing educational landscape.

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EdToday-14-07-01-Jeff Bennett

July 16, 2014
A discussion with Jeffrey Bennett, educator, astrophysicist, and author about his recently released book, On Teaching Science - Principles and Strategies That Every Educator Should Know.
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EdToday-14-06-16-Josh Gonzales

July 16, 2014
A discussion with Mr. Josh Gonzales, Director of Native American Student Programs at UC Riverside, about The Gathering of the Tribes.
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EdToday-14-06-10-Lanelle Gordin

June 13, 2014
A discussion with Lanelle Gordin regarding the teacher leadership program in Riverside County, CA.
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EdToday-14-05-20-Dennis Large

May 21, 2014
A discussion with Dennis Large, Director of Educational Technology, for the Riverside County (California) Department of Education.
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EdToday-14-05-06-Nancy Kelly

May 06, 2014
A discussion with Nancy Kelly, teacher at Arlington HS in LaGrange, NY about the use of orienteering and GPS in the classroom.
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EdToday-14-04-22-Katherine McKnight

April 23, 2014
A discussion with Dr. Katherine McKnight regarding the implementation of the Common Core.
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EdToday-14-04-15-Ted Lempert

April 16, 2014
A discussion with Ted Lempert - President of Children Now - about performance disparities of students in various racial groups.
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April 02, 2014
A discussion with Russell Baker, Executive Director of the National Dance Institute of New Mexico.
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EdToday-14-03-14-Otis Kriegel

March 14, 2014
An interview with Otis Kriegel, discussing his work with new teachers, presentations at conferences, and his book, 'Everything A New Elementary Teacher Really Needs To Know'.
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EdToday-14-03-14-Ron Berger

March 14, 2014
An interview with Ron Berger, exploring his work with Expeditionary Learning, and his new book, 'Leaders Of Their Own Learning'.
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