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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 6

May 17, 2015

Episode 6 of EUROZVISION introduces Alex Morella to the show and we bring you some Russian Grannies, some German music and the episode that will make you feel sorry for the Czech Republic

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Final Wrap-Up

May 25, 2015

Well the final has been run and won so we are back in 2015 for one final EUROZVISION episode to wrap it all up and bring you the fun once again! The boys are back to go over their thoughts of the final, their thoughts of the winner and go over their predictions to see just who wins the EUROZVISION predictions title for 2015!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 4

May 05, 2015

Our fourth episode of EUROZVISION brings an amazingly awesome classic song from an amazing singer who turned into a politician. We also play one of the favourites with our weekly finalist song, and catch up with four different semi-finalists and find out why Moldova is causing so much controvesy this year. THE DRAMA!!!!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 1

April 22, 2015

Join us for the very first episode of EUROZVISION, a podcast dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest and the third spin-off of Australia's Number One TV & Film podcast Survivor Oz! In the first episode of EurOzvision Ben, Noah and Jarrod all talk about their experiences getting into Eurovision before going through a classic song and 6 songs from this years competition! Oh, and there is also plenty of distaste for a certain entrant this year (and no it's not Guy Sebastian). You have to listen to enjoy it!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 3

May 03, 2015

We're back for our third ever episode as we continue to get closer to Eurovision 2015! Ben, Jarrod and Noah all talk about the latest news from Eurovision and go through a bunch of songs that you won't be able to get out of your head! Yes, even that one from San Marino! Oh and of course Boggie references. Yup, Boggie. Boggie Boggie Boggie. Sorry, had to get those out of the way for contractual purposes. Download the episode!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 5

May 17, 2015

Our fifth episode of EUROZVISION brings you the very first winner of Eurovision from 1956 (remember that one?) and we go through another finalist and SIX Semi-Finalists who are all fighting to take out the crown and beat Boggie this coming weekend! Oh the excitement is getting closer!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 2

May 03, 2015

Join us for the second episode of EUROZVISION, a podcast dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest and the third spin-off of Australia's Number One TV & Film podcast Survivor Oz! In this episode of EurOzvision Ben, Noah and Jarrod bring you the latest news from around the world from Eurovision and take you through 8 different songs from this years finalists to a classic song from the past! Oh and of course there are lots of Boggie references. Yup, lots. Get excited!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Predictions Episode

May 18, 2015

Join Ben, Noah, Jarrod and Alex as they go through each of the semi-finals and put in their predictions for the final, before going through each of the positions in the final to see who they think will win, finish top 5 and of course come dead last! Who will get the closest? Who will get the furthest? You’ll have to listen to our wrap-up show this weekend to find out!

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EurOzvision - 2015 Eurovision Episode 7

May 17, 2015

The final song episode of EUROZVISION brings you the final finalist, the final semi-finalists and of course..ABBA!

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