The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep. 9 • When They Come Back • 7/25/17

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About The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep. 9 • When They Come Back • 7/25/17:

In this podcast, I give you all an update on that dark (almost threatening) email that I received from someone whom I believe to have a mental illness condition. He only comes back with a sob story trying to make me feel sorry for him; but I'm not biting. The next thing I talk about are exes that are coming back into my life. It's nice and all that they come crawling back because they thought about their fuck up's (at least that's what they say but I'm not biting on that either), but what are they really up to? What is really going through their minds? That's the dangerous part about them knowing who and how I am. They know I'll forgive but never forget. It don't matter to them underneath it all. The part I believe they're only focusing on is the part where I'll forgive them. Have a listen!! Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!!

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