The Why Run?! Podcast • Ep. 2 • Can't Step Up + Happy Father's Day • 6/18/17

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About The Why Run?! Podcast • Ep. 2 • Can't Step Up + Happy Father's Day • 6/18/17:

Hey guys!! Here's a raw one for you all. This was something that has just happened today. I'm so disappointed in this so-called friend who wasn't straight up with me from the very beginning of when he internally decided he wanted to go back to someone he was once with, and feeling like he didn't have to explain anything. If he felt that was his chance to finally go back with her, he SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING TO ME.

Next I talk about what I really wan to talk about in some of my podcasts. I want to talk about Spirituality and how it does manifest into good things and bad things, how 'haters' can and do take your energy and may have 'something' to do with some of the bad shit that happens in your life. I want to talk about how you can identify and avoid those things from happening.

Here's the WARNING. You must be able to take discipline when hearing these podcasts. And remember, you MUST listen to my MESSAGE and NOT my TONE.

Thank you. I luv u all! ♥Audie

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