You're Not Woke (Like You Say You Are) • 1/15/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

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About You're Not Woke (Like You Say You Are) • 1/15/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast:

My man and I went to an event over the weekend; even though everything was what we've been waiting to do "together" for the past five months, things kinda went South for what we believed to be spiritual. In this podcast, I discuss the good, but focusing on the bad only because I believe it's important to recognize what's below the surface from what they don't want you to see (or figure out). There are two important lessons discussed here in this podcast. Oneis a relationship lesson. And the second is: How "Woke" are you? What was done, was done spiritually that hurt physically. A lot of people like to disregard it and call is a coincidence when something bad happens WITHOUT thinking about 'What if' it was caused by 'someone.' I also discuss people who like to 'Flex, Show off, Brag, ect' about what they got, who they're with, where they go' and subliminally bragging about how lucky they are to have these lavish things. It don't mean nothing if we only know what you decide to show us. Press play and think about it. +Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat • Check out my artwork: ♫ Total ft. Scary Spice - I Tried ♫ Salt-n-Pepa - None of Your Business

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