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Welcome to The Why Run?! Podcast!! I'm your host Audreyal Koinva a.k.a. MsDjHoodie, and I'm bringing you spiritual insight in today's modern society. I'm a Native American Hopi artist and medicine girl specializing on the most important organ in the body, The Mind. It seems in today's time, it's much simpler to live your lives as simple as a "meme" when it can actually lead you into something much worse when you live your life by a meme. They say to never "be in your feelings" as if it's going to be the biggest mistake in your lives. I encourage those to include Hopi into their everyday lives; as it's supposed to be lived, things will be a lot more simpler and less stressful. I say "BE in your feelings" and DO what others CAN'T DO. If you cannot allow yourself to be in your feelings, not care, and dust other peoples feelings off your shoulders, you're AFRAID to face something you can't identify within yourself. You should want to be stronger then that and protect yourself from those who are unable to. Alongside bringing you Hopi education, strength and showing you there's A LOT more to being "HASHTAG Woke", I discuss in-real-life experiences as a Native American Hopi artist, Uber/Lyft driver, and spiritual healer. I lecture to share and teach those to live right, be happy and strong, and be more aware of what's going on around us. Remember, everything IS simple, everything bad that comes-comes to an end. So, Why Run?! Visit The Why Run?! Podcast and my other podcasts, segments, written blog posts, pictures and vlogs (videos) at: http://AudreyalKoinva!!

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The Why Run?! Podcast • Ep. 2 • Can't Step Up + Happy Father's Day • 6/18/17

June 20, 2017

Hey guys!! Here's a raw one for you all. This was something that has just happened today. I'm so disappointed in this so-called friend who wasn't straight up with me from the very beginning of when he internally decided he wanted to go back to someone he was once with, and feeling like he didn't have to explain anything. If he felt that was his chance to finally go back with her, he SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING TO ME.

Next I talk about what I really wan to talk about in some of my podcasts. I want to talk about Spirituality and how it does manifest into good things and bad things, how 'haters' can and do take your energy and may have 'something' to do with some of the bad shit that happens in your life. I want to talk about how you can identify and avoid those things from happening.

Here's the WARNING. You must be able to take discipline when hearing these podcasts. And remember, you MUST listen to my MESSAGE and NOT my TONE.

Thank you. I luv u all! ♥Audie

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Unfair Fare • 3/10/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

March 10, 2019

Hello My Friends. Yes, it has a been a very sad minute since I’ve posted a legit podcast. Thank you so much for sticking around and listening to my other podcasts, it’s always appreciated. In this podcast, I talk about an Uber experience I’ve had with a rider early this morning. It was so stressful that took me about an hour and a half to figure out and fix things to only get unfair fare. And also, I explain a little bit about why I’ve been absent. But other than all this going on, I am doing good and well, and I hope you guys are too. I’m back and I’m going no where. Again, thank you guys so much and I hope you enjoy this episode!! Music Played: ♫ Nicole Wray - Make It Hot My Written Blogs: →

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The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep. 8 • They're The Finished Product • 7/17/17

July 17, 2017

This podcast is fresh. Meaning, it JUST happened minutes ago. I had to get this out of my system before I went to sleep. I don't want to think about it; I'm over his bullshit. This guy seriously has a mental issue.

I'm not trying to be mean, but he has in fact been through a lot of fucked up situations and I have no doubt in my mind that this is what's causing him to flip the fuck out on me. Have a listen!!

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Stresses • 5/13/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

May 17, 2019

So I'm back from a 2.5 month break. And during that break, it's been nothing but stress. All types of stress from business, to personal, having your personal space being invaded due to the obligations of being a ride-share driver. So many types of stresses hitting you at the same time, you kind begin to lose the powerful reasons as to why you're doing them. You have to (must) do things to reboot yourself so that you can regain focus to get yourselves on the right track. And by doing this episode, I'm trying to reshape my thoughts. If you enjoy this episode, don't forget to add, rate, comment, subscribe and share!! •

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The Why Run?! Podcast • I've Never Seen Kindness • Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 12, 2017

It took me a long time to see kindness. And part of that was my fault for not going out as much. And when I finally did as a driver, I noticed there are a lot of amazing people out there. And it really didn't matter if they were intoxicated or sober, they treated me very nicely and I enjoyed all company that entered my whip. They showed me a lot about myself that I didn't catch onto before when it came to kindness!!

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When a guy says he wants an old fashioned girl, I'm thinking about in a sense of; someone who is truthful, loyal, herself, respectful, ect, right. Turns out this asshole wanted someone to wait around for him. And... that's not me. Press play!!

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The Center of The Universe Podcast • I Learned A Lot • Friday, May 12, 2017

May 13, 2017

Today is My Brother's Birthday, and in my podcast, I'm talking about all the things I admire about him. And I also talk about HOW I admired him growing up; watching him from afar and how he used to stand up to others, how he worded certain things, and explained things straight to the point. He was the "go-to" answer when it came to toughness.

And towards the end of the podcast, I share how he was the main one who introduced me to Old School Hip-Hop and Underground Gangsta Rap. Because of him, he made me more open to other artists other than R&B artists I was stuck on. I studied lyrics from 2Pac, B.I.G. Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and more because My Brother made me curious to look further. I even shared a time where I had a heart-to-heart with My Brother when I expressed one day I'd like to have the attitude like Eazy-E. Press play to hear more!!

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The ExMeOut Podcast • He Got Away With It!! • Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 10, 2017

This one is quite a piece. Especially since I put it out there that I've had sexual arrangements from time to time. But I feel now, people have them more frequent than me nowadays, so why the fuck NOT talk about it?! lol!!

This is a story time podcast where I did in fact have a sexual arrangements with someone whom I met on a dating app, and we started with being in a relationship to having casual sex. 

Shit didn't seem to make sense in this so-called relationship, until I called his ass out on it!! Listen!!

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Welcome to the very first episode to The Center of The Universe Podcast!! I am now posted up on Shungopavi, Second Mesa, Arizona permanently; and how I feel about it so far is going to be a challenge. Press play and have a listen!!

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This one is not based on my personal experience, but of a friend of the family. I'm talking about it because she is a dear friend that is going through what 'everyone else' goes through when they are experiencing a very messy break up. I talk a little about what happened and how she may have came to this conclusion of ending it. In my opinion, she probably could have stopped it a long time ago, but it still may have come to an end the same way. As I also said, "There's always two sides to a story, and we've only heard hers." Like in other relationships, I think it all amounts to the same thing(s). Materialistic "things."

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