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Welcome to The Why Run?! Podcast!! I'm your host Audreyal Koinva a.k.a. MsDjHoodie, and I'm bringing you spiritual insight in today's modern society. I'm a Native American Hopi artist and medicine girl specializing on the most important organ in the body, The Mind. It seems in today's time, it's much simpler to live your lives as simple as a "meme" when it can actually lead you into something much worse when you live your life by a meme. They say to never "be in your feelings" as if it's going to be the biggest mistake in your lives. I encourage those to include Hopi into their everyday lives; as it's supposed to be lived, things will be a lot more simpler and less stressful. I say "BE in your feelings" and DO what others CAN'T DO. If you cannot allow yourself to be in your feelings, not care, and dust other peoples feelings off your shoulders, you're AFRAID to face something you can't identify within yourself. You should want to be stronger then that and protect yourself from those who are unable to. Alongside bringing you Hopi education, strength and showing you there's A LOT more to being "HASHTAG Woke", I discuss in-real-life experiences as a Native American Hopi artist, Uber/Lyft driver, and spiritual healer. I lecture to share and teach those to live right, be happy and strong, and be more aware of what's going on around us. Remember, everything IS simple, everything bad that comes-comes to an end. So, Why Run?! Visit The Why Run?! Podcast and my other podcasts, segments, written blog posts, pictures and vlogs (videos) at: http://AudreyalKoinva!!

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The ExMeOut Podcast • He Got Away With It!! • Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 10, 2017

This one is quite a piece. Especially since I put it out there that I've had sexual arrangements from time to time. But I feel now, people have them more frequent than me nowadays, so why the fuck NOT talk about it?! lol!!

This is a story time podcast where I did in fact have a sexual arrangements with someone whom I met on a dating app, and we started with being in a relationship to having casual sex. 

Shit didn't seem to make sense in this so-called relationship, until I called his ass out on it!! Listen!!

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An ExMeOut Podcast • The Dude From Italy • Monday, April 24, 2017

April 26, 2017

OH LAAAAWD!! NOT ANOTHER ONE!! Yes... UGH!! I hate when shit goes South, but I must be glad they go South fro a reason. This one is an online dating experience. You got to hear this one; because I'm sure you all have gone through something like this! Press play!

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Welcome to the very first episode to The Center of The Universe Podcast!! I am now posted up on Shungopavi, Second Mesa, Arizona permanently; and how I feel about it so far is going to be a challenge. Press play and have a listen!!

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