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Welcome to The Why Run?! Podcast!! I'm your host Audreyal Koinva a.k.a. MsDjHoodie, and I'm bringing you spiritual insight in today's modern society. I'm a Native American Hopi artist and medicine girl specializing on the most important organ in the body, The Mind. It seems in today's time, it's much simpler to live your lives as simple as a "meme" when it can actually lead you into something much worse when you live your life by a meme. They say to never "be in your feelings" as if it's going to be the biggest mistake in your lives. I encourage those to include Hopi into their everyday lives; as it's supposed to be lived, things will be a lot more simpler and less stressful. I say "BE in your feelings" and DO what others CAN'T DO. If you cannot allow yourself to be in your feelings, not care, and dust other peoples feelings off your shoulders, you're AFRAID to face something you can't identify within yourself. You should want to be stronger then that and protect yourself from those who are unable to. Alongside bringing you Hopi education, strength and showing you there's A LOT more to being "HASHTAG Woke", I discuss in-real-life experiences as a Native American Hopi artist, Uber/Lyft driver, and spiritual healer. I lecture to share and teach those to live right, be happy and strong, and be more aware of what's going on around us. Remember, everything IS simple, everything bad that comes-comes to an end. So, Why Run?! Visit The Why Run?! Podcast and my other podcasts, segments, written blog posts, pictures and vlogs (videos) at: http://AudreyalKoinva!!

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The Why Run?! Podcast • Ep. 3 • Beyond The Tone • 7/13/17

July 13, 2017

This podcast is about people unable to act like adults when they hear tones instead of the message. They avoid confrontations, being told what's the truth, so on and so forth. This podcast is about how you can tell how a person is by the shaming, the disses, the avoidance's; just so they can continue to be mean. 


This is why I created Why Run?! is so you can identify these kinds of fucked up people. If you or someone you know may need to hear this, please share.


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You're Not Woke (Like You Say You Are) • 1/15/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

January 16, 2019

My man and I went to an event over the weekend; even though everything was what we've been waiting to do "together" for the past five months, things kinda went South for what we believed to be spiritual. In this podcast, I discuss the good, but focusing on the bad only because I believe it's important to recognize what's below the surface from what they don't want you to see (or figure out). There are two important lessons discussed here in this podcast. Oneis a relationship lesson. And the second is: How "Woke" are you? What was done, was done spiritually that hurt physically. A lot of people like to disregard it and call is a coincidence when something bad happens WITHOUT thinking about 'What if' it was caused by 'someone.' I also discuss people who like to 'Flex, Show off, Brag, ect' about what they got, who they're with, where they go' and subliminally bragging about how lucky they are to have these lavish things. It don't mean nothing if we only know what you decide to show us. Press play and think about it. +Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat • Check out my artwork: ♫ Total ft. Scary Spice - I Tried ♫ Salt-n-Pepa - None of Your Business

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The Center of The Universe • Ep. 4 • Going Through w/ My Shop • 5/19/17

May 20, 2017

Long time no talk. Yes, I know; and I do apologize. But if you press play, you'll hear everything I've been going through this week, you'd understand where I'm coming from. But here's the quickie!! I've been doing whatever I could to get everything intact for my big opening on Wednesday, May 17th. I tried so hard not to be/get overwhelmed with all the work that needed to get finished. But hey, I did it guys!! I couldn't be happier, but it was indeed hectic. Press play to hear all about my weeks, plus I made some SHOUTOUT's, and I also let you all know how you can stay connected with me, as well as what the topic is for next week's podcast; which is The ExMeOut Podcast!! Press play and enjoy!!

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The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep 3 • Compete w/ My Pop's • Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

In this podcast, I talk about how my ex from my very last relationship tried insinuating that he's not going to compete with My Pop's (My Dad). WHUTT?! Who the fuck said that? Psh!! It's not my fault My Dad knows how to be a loving, hardworking, understanding man. Am I right?

Then I go onto how men SHOULD be and how they SHOULD act "IF" they have wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers. A male should WANT to be like someone like My Dad. A female should WANT to with someone LIKE My Dad. But instead, my exes want to look at me like I'm a manipulater. And I just don't understand why they're made me when they're not even half a man. BOOM!!

You gotta hear what I have to say tho to get a full understanding as to what I'm saying. Have a listen!!

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Thank you all so much for Following me and my podcasts! You all are absolutely amazing!! Thank you, thank you!! ♥Audie

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We Don't Know Pt. 1 • 1/18/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

January 18, 2019

I didn't want to jump onto Lifetime's documentary: Surviving R. Kelly, but it seems I have. I was meaning to only talk briefly about two R&B artists; Sparkle, and the late beautiful Aaliyah who would've been 40 years old this year in 2019. As soon as I started talking about it, it pulled me in because, it wasn't just about the music. It was because I could relate to the sexual abuse, the mental and the physical abuse these girls endured. I know it's not as severe, I just had to speak about what I thought about the documentary. I also go into how I studied Aaliyah's first album "Age ain't nuthin' but a number" and how I didn't quite understand it, until I got into high school. The story on that is going to be in the "We Don't Know Pt. 2" soon to be aired Monday, January 21, 2019. Lastly I speak on Sparkle coming out with new music and the backlash she got from that.

Music played: 1. Sparkle - I'm Gone 2. Aaliyah ft. Timbaland - Hot Like Fire (Remix)

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We Don't Know Pt. 2 • 1/22/19 • The Why Run?! Podcast

January 24, 2019

Welcome to the second half from "We Don't Know." If you missed the first part, you can check it out if you like. The first half is more revolved around Lifetime's documentary to Surviving R. Kelly; I unintentionally gave my opinions on that and have encouraged you all to listen to Part 2 (this one) so you can see and hear my story as to why I could see why it was difficult to the survivor's of R. Kelly to come forward with their surviving R. Kelly. All our stories are different, we all have our own ways of thinking, and we'll either let it break us or make us. In my experience in what you will hear is that I was a late bloomer in understanding things. I discuss my struggles of getting through my childhood 'pretending' that I knew what everyone else did, and still not knowing what that was even after that. And then all of a sudden it was presented to me embarrassingly at grade 10 when I was already supposed to know. You'll hear how it it bothered me in people, in music, and how everything all began to make sense.

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Music played: ♫ Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah - Don't Think They Know

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The Why Run?! Podcast • Change in 2019 • Thursday, January 3, 2019

January 03, 2019

We're in 3 days into the new year of 2019!!  I hope you're all living it up well so far and that your troubles and problems are left behind in 2018.  In this podcast I'm discussing Change.  I come out with a few things that I've had problems with for the past 10+ years since I've been podcasting.  We all don't want to admit our falls, but in this episode, I share what I've been noticing ON myself as; not just as an individual, but as a content creator.  I want to better myself and my content for this year.  It's way more than a "New Year, New Me" deal.  Being in this business for so many years has taught and showed me a lot of how I was lacking in my early twenties, and how I plan to reshape my brand in my early 30's.   If you are a content creator, or if you're looking to be a content creator, I hope you find this podcast helpful and that it will help you further on succeed in your ideas.  Good luck to you, and enjoy the show!!   Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!!

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The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep. 7 • A B Move • 7/1/17

July 01, 2017

This track is for literally an and everybody who is experiencing someone in their life who is dangling money or material things in your face just because you woke the fuck up and decided to leave them. 

This is an update of the last dude I talked about in my previous ExMeOut podcast. And as you guys guessed it, we are no longer talking but I cut his ass off and he got SO mad about it that he actually sent me a picture of his holding a big wad of money. Like, WHUTT?!

That was a bitch ass move. Press play and listen to the bullshit he tried to put me through. Plus listen to some encouraging words if you're being held back by someone like this fuckin' asshole.

Listen   37:33

The ExMeOut Podcast • Ep. 9 • When They Come Back • 7/25/17

July 25, 2017

In this podcast, I give you all an update on that dark (almost threatening) email that I received from someone whom I believe to have a mental illness condition. He only comes back with a sob story trying to make me feel sorry for him; but I'm not biting. The next thing I talk about are exes that are coming back into my life. It's nice and all that they come crawling back because they thought about their fuck up's (at least that's what they say but I'm not biting on that either), but what are they really up to? What is really going through their minds? That's the dangerous part about them knowing who and how I am. They know I'll forgive but never forget. It don't matter to them underneath it all. The part I believe they're only focusing on is the part where I'll forgive them. Have a listen!! Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!!

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The Why Run?! Podcast • Living The Sickness • 1/9/19

January 09, 2019

First I discuss in this podcast is "Communities." For the longest time, I stayed away from communities because all I've experience was drama. Where isn't drama these days? That's a whole different podcast in itself, but the point is, I stayed away from them... until recently. Recently as in, yesterday. I became a part of this community hosted by King Kauran on MeWe and he has been showing me nothing but luv and recognition to; not only me, but to everyone that comes into the community. You can find him and his group at the bottom of the show notes, but he has enlightened up something I've shut doors on. Now, I'm wanting to explore more and more of what's out there. Most importantly, in what we all want is, communication. And communication brings me to "Living The Sickness", recognizing thing when you HAVE the sickness. A lot of people don't think about it UNTIL something bad happens to them. In the borderline, it's sickness. I speak on the things I've said in the past about the GOOD things about being sick; here and now, reflecting on that. Tell me what you think. Press play. Follow @MsDjHoodie on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!! People mentioned and where you can find them: King Kauran • All Star • Alvin Graves • Candys Crushin • Carmen Boren • Don't forget to add, rate, comment, subscribe and share!!

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