The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS)

The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS)
  • Boise, Idaho, USA    
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Jacobb and Ashley Sackett (husband and wife) started playing music together in 2002 in an indie rock trio called The Tables in Boise, Idaho, USA. They then continued to work together musically in a four piece new wave/post punk band called The Murders from 2004 to 2009. Following the dissolution of The Murders in 2009, Jacobb and Ashley began working as a duo (unnamed at the time) and also began accumulating circuit bent equipment and instruments, vintage synthesizers (such as Moogs, Roland Juno 60, Korg Polysix, etc), contact microphones and circuit bent mics, and analog FX units (such as Gristleizer, Devi Ever’s Eye Of God pedal, different analog loopers, and the like). Roland Space Echo was also essential for what the two were looking for. It was then that The Finer Points Of Sadism (FPS) were born, based on an unused song title from The Murders that Jacobb had penned a year prior. In late 2010, following a near death experience, Jacobb recalls hearing low hums and strange pitchy noises in a near death experience. The world also went to a negative color several times as he experienced his closest brush with death. The noises and experience opened a whole new mindset on the music, and thus FPS’s sounds to this day are highly influenced by this event. In October 2013, Tyson Cooley and Nate Slavick, two musicians from Mountain Home, Idaho, were added to the band. The quartet consider what they do as being experimental music at the heart of it all, as every aspect of their songs are created completely improvised while experimenting with different frequencies, delay settings, arpeggiators on synths as well as circuit bent items. There are also songs with more complex structures, and more musical structure overall. With their post punk/indie rock background listeners will find huge hooks buried deep in the madness. Many unique instruments and items are use, such as with the Atari 2600 game console beat machine, talking V-Tech, circuit bent keytar, and various other items to achieve their sound. Partner Artifact is the art rock side project of FPS.

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