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Roland Freisler on Helium: Judge Gregory Baxter Erupts

September 07, 2014

Judge Gregory Baxter suffers a meltdown as attorney Susan Gerber tries to ask a question about the Malheur County Sheriff's Office and the Malheur County DA in the 45th Parallel case.

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Death Threat against Cyndi Steele

September 08, 2014
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Death Threat against Edgar Steele

September 08, 2014
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Death Threat against Kelsey Steele

September 08, 2014
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Theme from Space 1999

September 26, 2014
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For Research -- Imam Enchassi Sermon Dec. 24 2010

October 07, 2014

This is a fascinating Christmas Eve sermon by Imam Imad Enchassi of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. Imam Enchassi has been accused -- by the War Party and its paid herd-poisoners -- of fomenting terrorism and murder in the name of his religion. This is a lie, of course.

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Encounter with Fish and Game Officer October 8 2014

October 09, 2014

Brief exchange with an officer from Idaho Fish and Game at the home of Kenneth and Carol Watson, circa 11:30 PM on October 8. Seven F&G officers searched the home and interrogated a long-time guest (who has resided in Idaho for a year) on suspicion of having an invalid hunting license. The officers confiscated 42 vacuum-sealed packages of elk meat, a hunting bow and arrows, the "suspect"'s cellphone, and some other effects. One officer explicitly told the detained residents that the raid was supposedly necessary because the "suspect" refused to speak to them without an attorney being present.

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Fish and Game Raid on the Watson Residence Part 1

October 10, 2014

Some items of interest include the repeated refrain that the residents of the house would be patted down and "contained" in the living room "for our safety," or "for our safety and yours"; the explicit statement that a SWAT raid had been a possibility if the F&G officers thought "bad" people lived at the residence (circa 16:21), and the statement by Officer Alexander (see photo) that the raid was staged out of suspicion that Zack Hershberger's hunting license was "illegal."

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Probable Cause Hearing

November 04, 2014

Court hearing that led to the search warrant used during the Fish & Game raid on the home of Ken and Carrol Watson. Careful observers will note that the testimony of the F&G officer is heavy on hearsay and assertion, but devoid of anything a conscientious judge would consider "probable cause."

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Art Thompson Police Informant

December 09, 2014

This brief clip was taken from a recent video in which JBS CEO Art Thompson bragged about being an informant with a Seattle PD "intelligence unit" in the early 1960s

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