A General MIDI soundfont named GENERAL MIDI (General, as in the rank). Demonstrates examples of my soundfont's capabilities.

Still moving forward

By GEN MIDI on May 08, 2019

Still finding bugs, fixing issues I wasn't happy with before, like taiko drums transposition, again with the attack of the string sections, but it's worth it as it sounds better and all blends well. Just the slightest volume balancing adjustment can make everything sound quite different, so I do a lot of testing. Still collating licensing info, surprising how hard it is to find on my drives, as well as old web links that no longer work. I'll do what I can.


Pretty much there

By GEN MIDI on January 23, 2019

The last demo I uploaded had it's problems, harsh attack, unbalanced reverb settings; orchestral instruments all had the same value and were too muddied, lack of depth/space. It's all been addressed, and this is the best the soundfont has sounded so far. I don't know if I'll start adjusting panning as this is usually set in midi files. But aside from more testing, we're nearly done.

Back after a taking a little break

By GEN MIDI on November 12, 2018

Minor health problems now mostly aside, I've continued tweaks, some instrument upgrades, and looking at upgrading some of the standard kit percussion I started with so long ago. I've gotten so used to how it's sounded for a while though. But the main thing is to increase quality, keeping a certain sound, whilst trying not to stray over 2Gb so I can still use my preferred editor and it's more accessible to more people with older equipment and will take up less RAM when loaded.

Posted a recent demo

By GEN MIDI on September 24, 2018

Even though I'm still testing out a few things, I thought it was about time I posted a new demo, a newer version of GEN MIDI (WIP) - Superman - Prelude and Main Title March. Much better when comparing to the old version. All sorts of instrument upgrades and tweaks since then.

I can't find a really good free English Horn (Cor Anglais) so I ended up compiling my own test. I'm now focusing on possible percussion replacements, then we might finally see a release.

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