A General MIDI soundfont named GENERAL MIDI (General, as in the rank). Demonstrates examples of my soundfont's capabilities.

Still moving forward

By GEN MIDI on July 31, 2018

After the leap in quality of string ensembles, I ended up reworking brass instruments. A little finishing off to do there and some woodwind instruments too. There are a few other instruments I may have beter samples for that I will test before implementing.

A couple of other instruments that I suspect are from commercial releases have been removed, and pretty good alternatives have been tinkered with to sound similar.

Stop the press!

By GEN MIDI on April 16, 2018

Ok, another delay, but a good one. Almost ready to go, I was tinkering with reverb and the string section yet again, trying to get a certain sound. Stumbled across some samples I've had for ages but dismissed before, now I realise they're what I've been trying to recreate with other samples. But they need work to be useable. I've found a better way of looping which has been needed for some of the instruments.

I just listened to one of the demos here, sounds so old and MIDI like to me already.

"Almost there..." again...

By GEN MIDI on March 30, 2018

Been away from home and my main rig, been working on GEN MIDI on my mobile studio (erm, my laptop plugged into a hi-fi). Listening on another setup and speakers, it's all sounding more familiar now rarther than too different. The sound of the brass and strings has recently drastically changed again for the better, as has the synth reverb settings. Huge orchestral sound without lingering echo chamber effect, punchy (like compression). So it will take a bit longer again to test and ballance, but it's pretty much now where I always wanted it to be, extra specially given it's all free stuff.

Someone has also very kindly agreed to host GEN MIDI on their website! So I'll be working on that soon when the latest tweaks are done.

Done, pretty much.

By GEN MIDI on February 13, 2018

Staccato samples tuned, added to String Section, makes a world of difference. Plenty of alterations. I had been using temporary small speakers for too long, too much high end. Replaced with full range high-fi speakers. Just requires more previewing on another better sound setup in house, then could be ready for release.

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