Endeavor to persevere

by GEN MIDI • December 24, 2021 11:35

Much better reverb settings, maybe final. I can't really tell as I'm still not setup right, having to listen on different sets of not so great speakers to hear different things. Despite this it's sounding more like a room full of instruments rather than a room full of reverb. More like I had in the past, more clarity and definition, yet from what I have learned, more reverb, more control.

System latency is at an all time high, struggling to drag and drop files to play without copying files to desktop or selecting or playing something else along the way. Highlighting text to copy and paste is just as problematic. Which means it's virtually impossible to edit samples and soundfonts. I am really struggling now with this old rig.

John Williams demo updated, and the other is a festive track (could change as I've not concentrated as much on other instruments so much as the orchestral ones).

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