"I love it when a plan... oh, wait."

by GEN MIDI • December 21, 2020 05:49

I was planning on putting any future donations for the soundfont towards a new PC rig. But now it seems it might have to be reversed to for it to happen anytime soon. Many problems with Windows 10 on my rig, so much so that I'm considering applying for some sort of crowd funding, something I've never considered before or wanted to do. I'll research and leave that decision for the new year.

I've uploaded a couple of recent demos. One purely for the festive season. The other, whilst not being able to work on things that need fixing, I've at least managed to tinker with the reverb settings (in between making many backups before software or system failure). I'm quite pleased with the results, demonstrated by the composing genius that is John Williams, and the MIDI sequencing skills of Gary Wachtel aka GaryW0001, quality work.

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