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Game Galaxy is a conversational style podcast hosted by Derrik and Jake. Every single week they take a video game and talk about it in it's entirety. We're talking story, gameplay elements, references and sometimes it's cultural and political impact in the world. They've also been known to do shows about abstract topics surrounding video game culture. Nothing is sacred.

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Borderlands | Game Galaxy

November 09, 2015

Game Galaxy is back with a vengeance! This week, Derrik and Jake break down the first Borderlands game. In this episode they discuss what they love about Borderland’s variance in weapon types, classes and enemies. They also discuss how they feel the game holds up way better if you play it with a friend, and of course, they go over the story.

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LA Noire | Game Galaxy

July 15, 2015

The guys are back with episode #30 to talk about LA Noire! How does the game's crime-solving nature hold up? Is the game true to crime-noire type films of the past? Find out all that and more on this episode of Game Galaxy!

Listen   79:53
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Portal 2 | Game Galaxy

June 24, 2015

Jake and Derrik are back to discuss everything Portal 2! They go over the story and gameplay of the single player, as well as the story and gameplay of the co-op portion. Find out all they have to say in this week's episode of Game Galaxy!

Listen   68:15
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Fallout 3 | Game Galaxy

June 10, 2015

With all the buzz surrounding Fallout 4 this week, the guys thought they'd revisit one of their favorite games of the 7th generation. Fallout 3.

In this episode they go in-depth and talk about everything from Fallout style storytelling, environments, to getting people into the Fallout series. 

All that and more on this week's episode of Game Galaxy!

Listen   73:01
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Halo 2 | Game Galaxy

June 03, 2015

The guys are back with episode #27 to talk about Halo 2. They discuss how important it is to them, the hype behind it, memories and how it ranks in the Halo series! 

Listen   77:51
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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion | Game Galaxy

May 27, 2015

Derrik and Jake are back with a new episode! This week they take apart Oblivion. How does it measure up to the other modern Elder Scrolls games? Find out on this week's episode of Game Galaxy!

Listen   60:26
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The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker HD | Game Galaxy

May 13, 2015

Jake and Derrik are back for episode #25 to talk about one of their favorite Zelda games: The Windwaker.

Has it aged well? What are our favorite dungeons? Items? Side quests? Art style? Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of Game Galaxy!

Listen   72:14
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag | Game Galaxy

May 06, 2015

Jake and Derrik are back after a brief break to talk about their favorite Assassin's Creed title. They go into the historical accuracies of the pirates featured, to how the game handled both assassin gameplay and naval gameplay as well as many other things! 

Listen   58:20
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Grand Theft Auto IV | Game Galaxy

April 15, 2015

Jake and Derrik are back with episode #23 of Game Galaxy. This episode is all about Grand Theft Auto 4, and how it's really hard to define and describe. They also talk about revenge, betrayal and criminal organizations, the satirization of the american dream and so much more!

Listen   70:16
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution | Game Galaxy

April 08, 2015

Jake and Derrik are back. In this episode they take apart one of their favorite games: Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Listen   70:45

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