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Game Galaxy is a conversational style podcast hosted by Derrik and Jake. Every single week they take a video game and talk about it in it's entirety. We're talking story, gameplay elements, references and sometimes it's cultural and political impact in the world. They've also been known to do shows about abstract topics surrounding video game culture. Nothing is sacred.

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AntiChamber | Game Galaxy

November 09, 2015

We head down Alexander Bruce’s abstract, MC Escher-esque journey of life. Join us as we talk about AntiChamber’s unique way of traversing through euclidean space. We also break down how AntiChamber messes with your human emotions, perceptions and even thought patterns. For fans of weird, crazy and cool games, this episode isn’t one to miss.

Listen   62:35

Fable 3 | Game Galaxy

March 29, 2015

Derrik and Jake are back after a break to talk about Fable 3! Derrik really doesn't like this game, and he's pretty vocal about it. Jake on the other hand, he is a little less harsh. Listen to the guys talk all things Fable in episode #20 of the Game Galaxy Podcast!

Listen   79:42

Fable: Revisited | Game Galaxy

March 10, 2015

In this episode of Game Galaxy, Jake and Derrik revisit the original Fable. They review it, talk about it's impact, some things that annoy them about the game, as well as how it fits into the rest of the franchise.

Listen   61:50

Borderlands | Game Galaxy

November 09, 2015

Game Galaxy is back with a vengeance! This week, Derrik and Jake break down the first Borderlands game. In this episode they discuss what they love about Borderland’s variance in weapon types, classes and enemies. They also discuss how they feel the game holds up way better if you play it with a friend, and of course, they go over the story.

Listen   60:46

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