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A determined and meticulous steps towards the universal language called Music; According to Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake." Heinrich Heine makes music more like a form of language when he opines that "Where words leave off, music begins." In line with this, the upcoming artist Gbangucci decided to express himself through the art of music. Timi Gbenga aka Gbangucci is a Nigerian born artist based in South Africa who delved into music basically because of his love for it and not the fame. His first track titled Telemi lo'le expresses his respect for fun seeking people and his love for club banging music. Subsequently, he followed up with a track entitled Esselen which is a street in South Africa known for more population of foreigners from different part of the world but mostly Nigerians. This track is no doubt an expression his favorite because this street is the first street he stepped his feet on in South Africa. Nevertheless, his last track entitled Bend Down Low is borne out of his love for African style of dance where one has to go down low to express himself or herself to the rhythm of the beat. He got his degree from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Akoko, where he had his first degree. Afterwards he proceeded to Nigerian Institute of Information Technology, Ikeja where he got a certificate in CCNA. Though, he previously worked with Cakasa Nig. Co and Mobil but his love for music made him leave the shore of the country to pursue his first love which is music. 

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