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Haisam Haidar is a positive person that creates dance/electro music. Haisam has discovered that dance electronic has a different view of life; a view of life that is closer to his current state of mind and life, and the word he uses to describe his being, electropopsitive. The word itself is shows the concoction of ideas in his music, in which he fuses the genres of dance, electro, pop, with a smidge of latin. After recently collaborating with producer Bully Banger, on the first single “Live Your Life”, off of his upcoming debut E.P. he decided that this is where he is. Haisam was asked what his inspiration is and he answered, “I have been going to some of the rave’s here in Miami, they enlist the top deejays/producer, such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin. The music paired with the light shows, wow! And the people there at the shows, well, they dance and let go. It’s a release I think, from each persons daily lives.” So a combination of these elements was all it took to pull Haisam away from writing ballads and focus on dace/pop/electro. With this, Haisam invites us into his mind, projecting unto his music a more positive message. Ballads are almost a requirement when you’re Latin in the music business. His decision is that for the time being, he will stray from the ballad. When asked what inspired him to dive into a different genre, he replied, “Letting go, just dancing at clubs and such. I’ve been listening to Skrillex a lot. But I was very focused on ballads and the quiet loudness you can achieve with it…Now I’m at an age when I don’t have to worry about being cookie cutter, or what sells, I just want to be loud. Skrillex is fantastic and so able to do amazing things with dub-step and the blend he is able to make with melody and beats. Completely hypnotic.” Haisam and Bully are currently working on something new to music in Spanish, very much inspired by the producers mentioned before. His second single is sure to provide us with on even deeper look into his mind of music, colors, beats and lights. With this electropopsitive, as he calls it, he is sure to take the Latin music world by surprise. Welcome Haisam!

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