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Henry Sims Experience

We are an NBA Podcast done out of ClarkU Radio.

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HSE6 - Finally!

October 31, 2014

Scott and Ethan rejoice as the 2014-2015 begins. They talk about games that have already happened, and games that are about to happen. Games!

Listen   60:12

HSE5 - Just Start The Damn Season Already!

October 25, 2014

Scott and Ethan get tired of not watching basketball, and talk more about how they're excited to watch basketball. They also outline what they think the playoffs will look like this season.

Listen   55:40

HSE4 - Award Predictions

October 17, 2014

Scott and Ethan predict award winners from MVP to Most Kwame Brown.

Listen   58:06

HSE3 - Over/Under (Quiet/Loud)

October 11, 2014

Scott and Ethan discuss the over/unders of various NBA teams and Scott tries to talk himself into Evan Turner again. We accidentally put the computer really close to Ethan when recording, so he is considerably louder than Scott this episode. Enjoy!

Listen   54:05

HSE2 - Worst Backcourt in The League

October 03, 2014

Scott and Ethan discuss the new contracts in the NBA, Dion Waiters' feud with John Wall, and Scott finally has an outburst about Evan Turner being on his beloved Celtics.

Listen   48:32

HSE1 - Bledsoe's New Contract

September 26, 2014
Scott and Ethan talk about Eric Bledsoe's new contract, what it means for other players, the new look Cavs, and Mark Cuban's latest sound bite.
Listen   53:48

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