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ITEL Radio Interview - Alison Chabloz - 3.3.18

March 05, 2018

Alison Chabloz appeared on Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss her ongoing case brought against her by the Crown's Prosecution Service as part of a campaign of targeted harassment by Jews against UK citizens speaking out and against Jewish holyhoaxing interests.

Listen   50:40
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ITEL Radio Interview - Jan Lamprecht - 2.1.18

February 02, 2018

Jan Lamprecht from the History Reviewed Channel and Africa in Crisis (dot info) joined in hour 2 of ITEL Prime Time. Broadcast live from Johannesburg, S. Africa, Jan discussed the SA Rand and how this is a measure of monied (Jewish) elite sentiments of the current political leadership. Black mismanagement, fraud, and criminality in running S. Africa and much more...

Listen   47:42
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ITEL Radio Interview - Frederick C. Blackburn - 12.16.17

December 17, 2017

Frederick C. Blackburn, host of Blackbird9's Breakfast Club, joined to discuss the historical backdrop of Hannukah and the Jewish war against Western Civilization.

Listen   96:22
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ITEL Radio Interview - Michael (Tom) Goodrich - 12.2.17

December 03, 2017

Michael "Tom" Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, appeared on Inside the Eye - Live! for a two hour interview. American cultural decay, European nationalism, Saudi Arabia, Syria were a few of the topics discussed. Tom also introduced his new book, Rage and Revenge, a book that deals with the sadistic rage that often rises up in soldiers who have been fed dehumanizing propaganda towards their adversary and witnessed and participated in the brutal field of combat.

Listen   96:17
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ITEL Radio Interview - Graham Hart - 10.26.17

October 29, 2017
Graham Hart came on to discuss his growing awareness of the reality of White genocide as well as his show, The Graham Hart Show on Cornwall Revolution Radio. The show ended with quite a bit of humor as Graham and "The Fetch" "lost it" in a flurry of jokes and comedy!
Listen   39:47
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ITEL Radio Interview - John Kaminski - 9.9.17

September 10, 2017

John Kaminski discussed his new website (, Hurricane Irma, Donald Trump, and more.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Kevin MacDonald - 9.02.17

September 03, 2017

Kevin MacDonald joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss recent events in Charlottesville, Internet censorship, the stalled Trump presidency, Jewish political domination, and much more.  Timely with long term

Listen   48:20
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ITEL Radio Interview - Lee Rogers - 9.02.17

September 03, 2017

Lee Rogers from the website Infostormer came on to discuss his experiences at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, tech company Internet tyranny, Internet censorship, the "Left", Jewish politics, and much more.

Listen   46:40
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ITEL Radio Interview - Brian Ruhe - 8.19.17

August 19, 2017

Brian Ruhe from the Brian Ruhe Show came on in hour number 3 to discuss his video show, Buddhism, Jewish power, the Thule Society, Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism, and much more,

Listen   51:39
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ITEL Radio Interview - Dean Henderson - 8.19.17

August 19, 2017

Dean Henderson from Left Hook with Dean Henderson, whose works have been published on Infowars, among others while also making appearances on Press TV and RT, joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss the ongoing battles in place to aid American oil conglomerates in their plan for global domination.

Listen   48:05

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