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ITEL Radio Interview - Mark Collett - 6.16.18

June 17, 2018

Mark Collett discusses his time in with the BNP, latest threats to free speech in the UK, immigration, Tommy Robinson, Alison Chabloz, Muslim grooming gangs, and much, much more.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Stan Hess - 6.9.18

June 10, 2018

Stan Hess discusses a history of European American advocacy, the "Mancott" of the NFL, reaching out to additional ethnicities, and building community relationships.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Ken O'Keefe - 6.9.18

June 10, 2018

Ken O'Keefe discusses some personal interest stories, like surfing, the beach, then moves on to his activity on the Mavi Mara, attacked by Jewish commandos, Palestinian rights, the monolothic global financial scheme, and building a better world.

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ITEL Radio Radio Interview - Alfred Shaeffer - 6.2.18

June 03, 2018

Alfred Shaeffer visited Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss the ongoing inquisition of Germans by Jews who demand that their "historical fraud" called "the Holocaust" remains the state religion of Germany. Changing attitudes in Germany, Monika Shaeffer, and much more.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Jack Sen - 6.2.18

June 03, 2018

Jack Sen joined to discuss current and evolving trends in British politics. Co-opting by Israel of Britain's Nationalist sentiments, Breitbart, Tommy Robinson, anti-Semitism charges by Israel's sayanim, and much more.

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ITEL Radio Radio Interview - Patrick Little - 5.31.18

June 01, 2018

Patrick Little, candidate for the US Senate in California's June 5 primary, joined to discuss his efforts to win the GOP nomination to run against Jewish supremacist Dianne Feinstein in the November 2018 election.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Graham Hart - 5.26.18

May 27, 2018

Graham Hart, host of The Graham Hart Show, joined to discuss the Alison Chabloz verdict. The segment included many calls from listeners.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Jan Lamprecht - 4.28.18

May 21, 2018

Jan Lamprecht joined guest host Frederic Blackburn, aka "Blackbird9" on Inside the Eye - Live! Youtube's perpetual "book burning", or banning of content from their platform. S. African farm murders, S. Africa a lawless country, "White Genocide", and much more in this extended interview.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Sencha MacRae - 4.28.18

May 21, 2018

Sencha and Frederick C. Blackburn (Blackbird 9) face off and discuss the third world-ification of Western cities, cultural misrepresentation in Jewish Hollywood, and some history of S. Africa.

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ITEL Radio Interview - Tom Goodrich - 3.24.18

March 30, 2018

Tom Goodrich has a new book out: Summer 1945, Germany, Japan, and the Harvest of Hate. Mary joins to have a brief discussion with Tom. A fun, fast, entertaining hour.

Listen   48:52

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