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ITEL Radio Interview - Brian Ruhe - 8.19.17

August 19, 2017

Brian Ruhe from the Brian Ruhe Show came on in hour number 3 to discuss his video show, Buddhism, Jewish power, the Thule Society, Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism, and much more,

Listen   51:39
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ITEL Radio Interview - Dean Henderson - 8.19.17

August 19, 2017

Dean Henderson from Left Hook with Dean Henderson, whose works have been published on Infowars, among others while also making appearances on Press TV and RT, joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss the ongoing battles in place to aid American oil conglomerates in their plan for global domination.

Listen   48:05
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ITEL Radio Interview - Miriam Al-Fatah - 8.12.17

August 12, 2017

Miriam Al-Fatah, a Libyan woman who runs the website  Libya Against Super Power Media, appeared on to discuss a bit of history of Libya, Gaddafi, the war against Libya, the current situation in Libya, and quite a bit more. An informative, fast paced, entertaining interview.

Listen   48:53
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ITEL Radio Interview - Brendon O'Connell - 8.12.17

August 12, 2017

Brendon O'Connell, an Australian who spent a year in prison because of charged laid against him by Australian law that serves Jewish interests joined to dscuss his experiences with the legal system that protects Jews from criticism.  He discussed some of this time spent in Iran, controlled political opposition, and getting involved in the political process.

Listen   46:21
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ITEL Radio Interview - Dion Wehrwolf - 8.5.17

August 06, 2017

Dion Wehrwolf, the "Alpha wolf" of the Wehrwolf Radio Network, joined for a half hour segment to discuss Radio Wehrwold and the philosophy and beliefs that go into promoting a healthy and productive European centric society and information dissemination channel.

Listen   19:41
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ITEL Radio Interview - Andrew Joyce - 7.29.17

July 30, 2017

Andrew Joyce, contributor to The Occidental Observer, joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss Jewish pathologizing criticism of Jewish policies, POTUS Trump and his connections to Jewish power, the willful (dishonest) attempts by Jews to deflect from valid historical stereotyping (money lending), and much more.  Callers "Chewbacca" and "Wolf" added context and some controversy in what was an enjoyable hour of listening.

Listen   49:16
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ITEL Radio Interview - Michael "Tom" Goodrich - 7.29.17

July 30, 2017

Tom Goodrich joined Inside the Eye - Live! for a short 20 minute segment to wish Inside the Eye - Live! a "happy anniversary", discussed his upcoming book, and spoke about what ITEL means to him and the show's place streaming live every Saturday morning.

Listen   19:49
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ITEL Radio Interview - Christopher Jon Bjerknes - 7.22.17

July 23, 2017

Christopher Jon Bjerknes joined to discuss his latest book, "Putin's Reign of Terror".  Dubbed as "propaganda for morons" by vetting sources in Eastern Europe, the interview predictably did not go well, with Christopher storming off the show about 60% into the effort.  

Listen   48:33
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ITEL Radio Interview - Eric Karlstrom - 7.22.17

July 23, 2017

Eric Karlstrom joined Inside the Eye - Live! to discuss the world of state sponsored mind control and gang stalking, and targeted harassment.  Strong segment.  The Phoenix Program from the Vietnam War era entered into the discussion.

Listen   46:19
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ITEL Radio Interview - Zezorro - 7.15.17

July 15, 2017

Zezorro from, a leading independent political and business analyst from Warsaw, Poland, came on to discuss Trump's visit to Poland, Brussels, and the LNG play between the United States and Poland as well as rising nationalism in Eastern Europe.  Putin and Russia-Polish relations made a short cameo.

Listen   42:50

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